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Backing up of data is an important aspect for any enterprise whether large or small. The method you use to back up your data should be one that sufficiently addresses your storage needs. There are a wide variety of medium which you can use to store your data and this depends on what you want to do with that information. You may store data for quick access, or you can have data stored for the short term or even archival data stored for the long term. One of the ways in which you can back up data efficiently is by the use of RDX backup system.

About RDX

RDX (Removable Disk Technology) refers to a backup system which uses removable disk and offers you fast saving and recovery of data. This is a system that has been designed for use in areas which are very remote and which may not have information technology resources. The system offers you security for your data and is portable making it easy to transport your data to a safe location. If you have a business that is located in a remote location yet large amounts of data have to be saved, protected and transported, then this is the ideal backup system for you.

Characteristics Of RDX

The RDX hard drive is designed like a cartridge which enables it to survive in the harshest of environments. This rugged design requires a low amount of power which means that it can be used in areas where power challenges are experienced. It also has static protection to protect data from server failure due to static charges.

Your data cannot be erased on the RDX hardware since it is read-only meaning the files cannot be deleted or overwritten. You can quickly recover data from the disk and you can back up data from disk to disk at speeds of up to 360 GB/ hr. You can easily increase the capacity of the RDX system by increasing the number of cartridges which means you will not run out of disk space.

Backing up of data is made simple because RDX system supports file access through drag and drop enabling you to backup your data by a simple click on your computer. The vibration on the disk drives is reduced to minimum because of inbuilt buffers which increase the read and write performance of the disk. The system easily blends in with your system of networking and the storage on your server.

Latest Technology

The RDX backup system currently has a capacity of 3 TB, which is an increase in recovery and backup of the previous capacity which was at 2 TB. Depending on your needs, you can also use disks with capacities of 1 TB or 500 GB. The rate of transfer of data is 200 MB/s and the drives have forward and backward compatibility to all RDX cartridges.

Benefits Of RDX Cartridges

The RDX cartridges have a rugged design which makes it possible to drop the disk for a distance of one meter without causing any damage to it. They have a thirty years shelf life which makes them suitable for archival data. You can also use a cartridge for a long time before it gets filled.

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