Redefining Health: A Lifelong Journey

What is your current definition of health? Many of us think about physical fitness only in terms of the way that we take care of our bodies, but the truth is, health is so much more than that. Because health is such a broad topic with so many different subtopics, it can be incredibly tempting to try and simplify it. For example, many of us want to stay healthy or get in shape and we create goals based on how we want to do that perhaps by working out four times a week, eating less junk food, etc. Many of us have even loftier goals, or create them once we've mastered our smaller ones - lose 100 pounds over the course of the next year, bring down our cholesterol, and so on and so forth. The list goes on and on, and everyone's goals will look different when compared and contrasted. For those of us who find even daily walks to be an intimidating exertion that's hard to keep on schedule with, it may seem that health is completely out of our reach. It can make us feel hopeless when we have trouble starting with what we perceive to be the simplest fitness tasks. Because of this perceived almost impossible level of difficulty, many people give up before they even start.

Redefining health is a way we can start combating this. Goals help us get healthier, but to say "getting in shape" or "getting healthy" is a goal all by itself is not specific, broad, and deceiving. There is no finish line for getting in shape or staying healthy - it's all an individual journey with countless ways to expand wellness, physically and mentally.

The best personal training Miami classes will help you customize your workout experience to fit your individualized needs, and group training Miami classes can help you find a community of like-minded people who thrive on their dedication to staying well, and being surrounded with people that can be your fuel when you feel like quitting. Having community is invaluable to the process of steering your life in a better, healthier and more fulfilling direction.

Health is a lifelong process. There are always going to be steps we can take in order to improve the way that we live our lives. Health isn't just in the way that we exercise our body, it's in the way that we take care of ourselves. It's about making time to be leisurely, it's about how we cook and what we eat, how we take care of our environment, and the way that we spend our time. There is no way to reach the end of the line - only more ways that we can continue to improve and strive for improvement. Just starting from ground zero can be the scariest, most intimidating thing you do in your total health journey. Sports professionals might make it look easy, but that's because they've already surpassed the hardest part by far - starting at all.

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