Refreshing New Take On Mexican Food, Latin Fusion Dining

My mother always made enchiladas when I was a kid. It was probably my favorite meal with Spanish rice and refried beans. No matter how many times that she made it, I always got excited. Then I grew up and went to college. Every time I went home, which wasn't often, I made her make me enchiladas. When I went out to eat, I was always disappointed by the offerings of restaurant enchiladas so I gave up on finding an alternative. Now I'm all grown up, married and have one kid with another on the way. I still live pretty far away from Mom's good ol' cooking. I've never tried to make my own because I knew that they just wouldn't be the same, but that doesn't mean my wife hasn't. Now everyone knows that your own mom's cooking is always the best. I agree with that statement. However, my wife has actually managed to improve on my mom's recipe. I'll never tell my mom that, but it's true.

My point is that sometimes clinging to tradition and avoiding change will prevent you from experiencing, and in this case, tasting something amazing. That is why I have come to enjoy Latin fusion dining. It reminds me of my childhood so it is really a comfort food for me. Not to mention that fusion cuisine is really the only other way that I've found suitable alternatives to my mom's and even my wife's enchiladas. For one, I haven't run into soggy or mushy enchiladas like I used to at strictly Mexican restaurants. Secondly, the fusion cuisine variants are different enough that I don't feel like I'm somehow betraying my mom or my wife. That is a win/win situation if you ask me.

Latin fusion dining is nice because it is a change to the "been there, ate that" mentality that everyone develops over time. It introduces new flavors to old dishes and makes them exciting again. In many cases, the new dish will be better than the original recipe. That makes it kind of hard to go back to the original after tasting a great new twist on it. The other cool thing is that chefs that are into fusion cuisine generally like to tinker with their recipes until they're perfect or they want to come up with a completely new concoction. It is safe to say that their restaurants are always going to be mixing up their menus with their latest and greatest creations.

The next time you decide to go out to eat, look for some fusion cuisine of your favorite culinary styles. Maybe you'll find a suitable alternative to your comfort food like I have. Perhaps you'll even discover something better than your mom's recipe. Who knows, go ahead and give it a shot.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that enjoys Latin fusion dining and wants you, the reader, to take a vow of silence and never tell my mom that my wife makes better enchiladas.

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