Reincarnation Is The Way of The Potter

"There is a path that no fowl knows and the vulture's eye hath not seen" is described in Job 28:7 but I have seen it. It is the passage to new life, a new body and a new beginning. In the way are many obstacles and distractions while the robbers try every which way to stop the flow of traffic. From the beginning of the day it was set in motion to bring the people of God into a state of spiritual perfection that ensures they are true to the Spirit.

The day was shown to me in a vision of a line drawn out in front and reaching into the distance. A great bright light rose from my position and arched over the line to the beginning and there in large capital letters was EVE. In the middle was NOON and at my end was EVENING.

Where it was noon a large crowd reached upwards to a man on a cross. Here it was almost dark as the light passed high overhead. The one on the cross is the subject of the New Testament and the invention of the second beast. The first beast came with power at the beginning of the day and he is Ismal, the son of O-b-ra-ma (now Abraham).

"The murderer rising with the light killeth the poor and needy, and in the night is as a thief." Job 24:11

He was sent into the wilderness to be an archer (Genesis 21:20) which is a killer and hunter of men. He was given the wife of Egypt and that means he was the beginning of the religion of Islam (Is-ma-el) which means 'eye of light-mother god'. His people were the 'O-ma-or', which means 'circle of mother sun'. In time this became 'Amor' and they built Babylon and the ziggurat to observe the sun star. It was titled 'ma-r-i' or 'mother's powerful eye'.

The next cities they built were Mari and then Roma (reverse Amor) where they became the Romans. One of their numbers was Constantine, the second beast, who kept constant the things of the first. He invented Jesus Christ after the fashion of the ritual widely practiced around the Empire of sending mates to the Mother God via the cross, a sun symbol.

He established the Catholic Church and, therefore, all of Christianity in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea. He installed Mary as the Mother of God and used the myths of heaven and hell as weapons to draw people into the church and keep them there.

Violence, torture, exile and murder were the order of the day against anyone who challenged the power of the religion and who refused to accept it and worship its idols. Many suffered horrendous deaths at the hands of the bishops to whom he gave power over life and death. These are the vultures that sought to take life away from the spiritual people who denied church authority.

Although killed they didn't die but were reborn again and again into new lives through reincarnation.

"(God) shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea in seven shall no evil touch thee. In famine (God) shall redeem thee from death; and in war from the power of the sword." (Job 5:19.20).

This is the secret path and today everyone who ever lived is or has recently been back in new bodies as judgment is delivered. Those who have ignored the Spirit and who worship false idols and fake gods are being dealt with in retribution for what they have done. The ones who remained true to the Spirit are finding their power in a reawakening to the truth.

"Neither will I hide my face from them for I have poured out my spirit on the House of Israel. Saith God." (Ezekiel 39:29).

These are the redeemed and they are in a position now to receive the great treasure that was reserved for them.

"And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: (Isaiah 35:10).

The Lord of the day is Ismal and those who have been ransomed from him are the spiritual people of Israel. They are not those of a country or nation but the ones who were seeded with spirit at the beginning of the day. Eve was not a woman but the Spirit of God and Adam were the people into whom it was seeded.

"Male and female created (God) them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created." (Genesis 5:2).

The thieves changed everything they could to deny the power to God's people. That's why the path to their redemption was made secret. Even so they ridicule, deny, curse and target people who claim to be reincarnated. God, however, has spared them and now they will receive their reward.

Over and again we were thrown down as the potter reworked us until we have been perfected.

"... thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand." (Isaiah 64:8).

My true reincarnation story is a free download from this site. It lead to the discovery that there is no Jesus Christ but the false gods invented by the 2 beasts.

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