Reinventing Your Online Identity

"What Have You Done For Me Lately?" This might just be the motto for businesses and marketing in the 21st century. As everything begins to move faster and faster, customers feel more at ease being flexible with their purchasing dollars. Just as the days of 50 years working for one company has turned into independent contractors and freelance workers hopping from one job to the next like frogs on lily pads, so has the notion of brand loyalty. What makes it more challenging, especially for established companies, is that these customers are just as quick to leave for nothing more than a flashy new ad or a direct communication online as they are for a lower price.

The truth is that no company can simply rest on their laurels anymore and expect people to come to them. They need to engage directly with all potential customers, making sure their name and reputation is constantly being put out there. The most successful companies at doing this rely on search engine optimization companies to handle their online marketing and create a new identity for them online.

The primary function of an SEO company is to provide for their clients higher search engine rankings and increased website traffic. They do this by establishing a solid web presence. The first step to this utilizes website keyword fortification. Search engines work by monitoring the most commonly used keywords and compiling the results. This means that when people enter certain words into their search engine that correspond with a client's particular business, it helps to bring their website closer to the top of the return list.

This is only one aspect of the online marketing services many search engine optimization companies offer their clients. Some of the more progressive companies also provide complete website development, press release production and distribution and even social media management. These services not only help to define which potential customers are out there by targeting specific demographics, they help to reduce cost and time used on blanket marketing ideas and advertising plans that provide minimal returns.

A generation ago, none of this even existed. The technology, and how to best use it, is changing so fast that it is impossible for a company not brought up surrounded by computers and social media to learn how to use it on their own. Many search engine optimization companies focus not only on helping small start-up businesses get on their feet, but also helps older established companies remain competitive. No longer is just having a website enough. Today's faster moving society requires constant attention. Reinventing your online identity should be your number one priority to not only keep the customers you have, but also introduce yourself to a whole new generation of customers as well.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been writing about online marketing for several years.

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