Resident Evil: Afterlife Not Popular with Critics

The movie Resident Evil: Afterlife received weak reviews upon its introduction. The news wasn't terribly surprising, and it even seems that the studio understood it would be so. The usual previews of the motion picture never happened. Keeping critics in the dark will be rarely employed when the studios think there is a blockbuster. This sort of secretive exercise is usually an indication that the motion picture isn't anticipated to do well out of the starting door.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth installment in what has turned out to be a less than inspired movie series. The foundation of the series is the Resident Evil game. The video game was renowned as awesome. The story line drew the gamer inside and had numerous players so terrified that they had taken out their garage door windows so they could use the holes to blast down approaching zombies. The idea that corporate America was capable of creating a mass crisis of zombies was not fresh. But the Resident Evil video game showed it to be a plausible notion.

The original game's graphic outcomes pushed the game console components. The virus infected zombified Doberman pinschers were realistic enough to keep individuals hiding behind their garage doors for fear of the area dogs. The movie Resident Evil: Afterlife attempts to regain some semblance of that realistic look. 3D methods have been added to the motion picture. Critics state this is over the top and that the 3D effects actually harm the motion picture.

3D films have become very popular in the past 12 months. That is, obviously, until suddenly they weren't any longer. Movie goers would happily close up the garage door and drive out to the cinema to see a movie. They would even pay the extra $5 or even $12 for the satisfaction of seeing what movie imaging can perform. It did not take long for the additional cost and those tiny glasses to get rid of their sparkly newness. Movie goers are back to remaining in with the garage door closed and booking inexpensive movies on Redbox or Netflix. How is a film studio to compete?

Well, the critics are definitely not saying whatever they should do. They may be, however, supporting Resident Evil: Afterlife as one example of what they probably should not do. Critics and viewers are tired of loud films that make an effort to distract them from the poor plot with many different flashy methods. The movie studios must do better compared to that if they want viewers to give up their sweatpants for paper glasses.

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