Safeguard Your Cat From These Common Household Hazards

Cats are often safest when kept indoors, especially if one lives in a town or city. But there are some risks for house cats as well. They never lose their unique cat personalities and behavior patterns such as climbing, seeking cozy out of the way hiding places and an intense curiosity. The old saying that curiosity killed the cat need not refer to yours.

The Value and Dangers of Screens

All cats need fresh air. This means the windows need to be open. In very hot or cold weather they can be opened just a crack to let some in. If screens are not used your cat can usually find a way to wiggle out and risk falling or going on a walk about. These screens need to be strong because even a small hole can be enlarged by a cat's zeal to explore the world. Even with a cat proof screen there are some perils.

My big Maine Coon cat Muff was spending the summer with my sister in a rural area of Vermont. He often played in the nearby woods and used the open window to come back inside. One day as she was reading at her desk she heard a loud thud on the newly installed window screen. When she went to investigate the sound she found Muff splattered against the screen. His claws were stuck in the little openings and his weight held him tight.

This happens often as cats will climb everywhere. The trick to removing a cat from a screen is to lift it up and push the claws through the holes front paws first. Then bring the cat inside.

The Instinct to Crawl into a Secret Hideaway

Another common problem occurs when your cat finds a new hiding place and curls up to go to sleep. Many beds have drawers and other compartments for storage. Cats love to climb into them as they often have soft blankets or bed clothes inside. Then the drawer is closed and your cat is unable to get out.

If it's home alone it may be stuck for quite a while. And even after you return the cat may go back to sleep. Your search needs to include every possibility: drawers, closets, cabinets, refrigerator, dryers etc. While searching call out your cat's name and usually a "meow" will lead you to your cat.

Tuna spent two days in a bed compartment before he was found. He ran for the kitty litter as soon as he was freed and left the hiding place totally clean!

In order to ensure this doesn't recur you need to cat proof all the possible places. Try to find a safe little hidey-hole or special cat bed. These hazards are by no means the only ones. But they are possibly the most common.

Nancy Knighten is a life long cat lover and writer. If you're a fellow cat lover and want to learn more about cats, their needs or just plain enjoy sitting back to read some cat tales, I invite you to visit Nancy's website at: =>

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