Sangrias And Margaritas: The Happiest Hour Of The Day

Everyone leads hectic lives these days. It's rare to encounter someone that has an open schedule to just do what they will. We are all running this way or that for work, our kids, family, and friends. Technology was supposed to give us more time, but in reality, it only allows us to connect on a very impersonal and shallow capacity because instead of having less to do because the machines are doing it, we somehow have more things to do. It's rather mind boggling how much stuff needs to be done on a day to day basis even if you try to live the simple life. That is where happy hour comes into play.

Happy hour conveniently occurs at the same time every day of the work week and as luck would have it, is normally longer than an hour. It makes for easy scheduling of some recreation time. I know, it's silly that we busy people have to schedule time off from our busy lives, but that is the reality that we are faced with. If we didn't schedule for some R and R, then we would never get any time to ourselves. As we all know, when we do find some time to ourselves, it is imperative that we don't waste it. That is why you should endeavor to enjoy happy hour as much as possible. How does one do that? It's quite simple.

Obviously, you can order whatever drinks or appetizers that you want, but I've found that for a nice low key evening, it is important to order something that comes in a pitcher. Some say beer, I say sangrias and margaritas. Sangrias are great to start off with and are great to sip as you and your friends and even complete strangers partake in compelling conversation. Of course, after some time contemplating the mysteries of the universe, the conversation will take a shift in tone and purpose. That is where the margaritas will play their part.

Now is the time to fire it up a bit and debate things that you probably can't change but feel strongly about regardless. That may be politics, religion, or any other number of things that are debatable in this world. I'm sure that tequila is capable of improving your debate skills, however my thinking may be flawed as my memory of those nights may have been impaired a bit.

I guess the other option for a great night would be to drink sangrias and margaritas and just play nice with others, but I do so enjoy being contemplative and I can't pass up a good debate. The important thing to remember is that you should find something that you enjoy to do. It is happy hour, and it would be counterproductive not to be happy at such a time. So order the drinks that make you happy. Talk to your friends about whatever makes you happy. You can even drink alone if that makes you happy.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that has found that sangrias and margaritas contribute to a happy, happy hour.

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