Scents That Affect Your Mood

Scientists have long been working on the powers and potential of scents. They, no doubt have a great impact on your mood and mind. The sense of smell can induce memories and nostalgia. At the same time they can induce love, affection, hatred, or even laziness. To assist you with understanding the power of nose, following is a list of traits possessed by scents that have a strong impact on the brain:


It might be a bit difficult to believe, but studies have proven that the scent of the jasmine flower increases concentration and productivity. The flower's scent basically stimulates beta rhythms into the brain that are activated when the brain is actively engaged or thinking heavily. Hence, smelling this flower will improve your attention span. Hence, when you are preparing for your tests the next time, keep a jasmine flower with you; or even better; use some jasmine perfume for a quick fix.


The lavender has always been known to induce relaxation and sleepiness (not in a druggy (opium) kind of way, but in a good way). Lavender candles, soaps and body lotions are all very effective in doing so. The scent will simply make you calmer as it will lower anxiety and stress.

Kill the appetite

If you are a binge eater (crave fat, chocolate or any other thing for that matter), emotional eater, or someone who simply cannot resist food, peppermint is the solution for you. The scent of peppermint can suppress your appetite. Using peppermint tea, essential oils or peppermint perfume will all decrease your hunger. In addition, it will smell good if you put it on, or it can cleanse your breath if you have the tea or simply chew on peppermint leaves.


The sour and sharp citrus fruits including oranges, lemons and grapefruits have scents that can re-energize you instantly. We already know that these fruits have vitamin C in them; however, their scent also has a tinge of that vitamin C. A citrus soap can be very effective at waking you up if you wash your face with it when you wake up.


The herb rosemary can make you happy. Always notice the smile that tries to come to your face whenever you smell this herb. It is usually used in cooking to uplift spirits and ease grief. It has a very woodsy and earthy smell and is used in the mid and base notes of many perfumes too.

Hence, alike different foods and drugs, the chemical effect of scents is similar on your brain. If tasting a lemon would re-energize you, smelling it would also intake a significant amount of the same nutrition and effect in your blood stream. In fact, if the nutrition taken is in a good quantity, the inhaling of the scent would have a stronger and quicker effect on your nervous system as compared to if it was ingested orally. This is because the ingested nutrition needs to go through the complete digestion process to go in to the blood stream, while if inhaled, the nutrition accesses the blood streams as soon as it reaches the lungs.

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