Screening Judgment Leads

When it comes to judgments, their worth is dependent on just your judgment debtor. A 1,000,000 dollar one could fetch twenty dollars cash up-front, a $4K one could fetch $1K.

This is one of my many judgment articles: I'm a Judgment referral expert, not an attorney. This article is only my opinion, please hire an attorney if you require legal advice.

The very popular enforcement outsourcing option is using a future payment enforcement (recovery) professional. The typical future payment percentage the judgment owner should expect on average judgments is usually a 50/50 split, but when your judgment debtor is wealthy, you may get a lower discount. Whether A debtor is wealthy is the decision of the recovery specialist, that will use what public data records are showing, and ignore a judgment owner explains to the enforcer.

The majority of judgment judgment owners don't really want to believe reality, and pick businesses who offer false hopes, or lies. I've been the starting place or observed many thousands of sales. Because of my vast experiences, the typical prices paid for cash up-front was not even five cents per judgment dollar. I've run into a couple of exceptions, the biggest percentage that was paid cash up-front was thirty-seven percent of the judgment's value.

The typical future payment collection percentage is 50%. For just a couple of large judgments having wealthy debtors with many assets, I've seen rates as little as twelve percent to the judgment recovery specialist and eighty-eight percent being paid to the original judgment judgment owner.

Ignoring my comprehensive and unique long term experiences, most judgment judgment owners totally ignore my summary of the circumstance; and then start shopping their judgments across the entire internet for several years and do not ever get even a dollar for the judgment. All too many judgment owners are "window shoppers".

I disconnected my phone as judgment professional shoppers wasted both our time. Now I use fax and email, and just once a month telephone judgment owners.

After several years, I realized that I can just help people willing and able to read, understand easy instructions, and who will not believe the truth. When folks can't understand step 1 on the 1st page of our web site, I can't help them.

Only When you fax, email, or mail your judgment, and also send whatever you already know about the debtor, and some previous or current address for the debtor and the debtor's age; will anyone be able to someone help you.

Particularly with judgments won by default, proper proof of service is really important. Whatever you get paid cash up-front, or how much of a percentage of what gets collected in some future payment agreement you get, depends totally on the judgment debtor's assets.

For judgment enforcers, a very reasonable and sober judgment owner as important as having debtor having available assets. HERE HERE Very often, I'm sent words about the judgment however the judgment creditor fails to send the actual judgment, or a copy of the judgment with no info about the judgment debtor. We e-mail the judgment owners, and if they answer within one week, they're our number one priority. When they don't answer within one week, we delete their fax or email(s). There is just way too many tire kickers and shoppers!

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