Setting Up The Fall Social Season

If people were smart, they would plan their fall social season the way they do their fantasy football league. Sometime in mid to late August they would all get together, each pull out a calendar - or an electronic equivalent of one - and they would try to plan out all of their fall and winter parties so that nobody was overlapping. The second step would then be to make sure nobody was stealing anyone's thunder by having a similarly themed party right before someone else's. The best way to make sure that did not happen would be to use this party planning session as the time to draft their caterers.

Many of the Appleton, Wisconsin restaurants that people choose as their favorites also run catering programs. By hiring one of these casual fine dining restaurants to provide the food, it also gives the host or hostess a chance to help define exactly what type of party they plan on having. Any catering company worth its salt is going to offer a wide variety of different packages, ranging from a casual appetizer and cocktail style party to a beef and buffet bash all the way up a full-on sit down full service dinner event. By understanding these choices, the host or hostess can make decisions about everything else - the beverages that are being featured, the type of entertainment they are going to offer, even if the party will be an afternoon or evening affair - that best partner up with the planned menu.

Tragically, these party planning sessions never happen, and inevitably at some point in the fall or winter, two good friends might find themselves planning the same type of party on the same day - with the same caterer! In the past, this might spell doom and gloom for one of the parties, or at least some seriously bad back and forth trash talking on Facebook, but it does not have to be.

Catering companies know that this time of year is second only to wedding season when it comes to how busy they are going to be. That means they are prepared for all sorts of possibilities, including something just like this. They have the resources to sit down with one or both of the conflicting party hosts and come up with a seemingly seamless alternative. Now, instead of competing parties, it can be more of a moveable feast, friends enjoying cocktails and appetizers at one house before moving on to the next course at another.

They may not be a fantasy catering league, nor will there likely ever be one, but that does not mean some of the catering companies out there are not all stars in their own right. Now is the time to find the ones that rise above the rest, so if they have to call an audible, they can still make every party a scoring drive.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who is obviously very excited for the start of football season.

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