Should Children With Autism be Punished by Hitting--For Their Misbehavior?

Children who have autism have a behavior problem. It can be frustrating and you can easily lose your temper or not think clearly when you want to discipline him or her. The question is, should you hit your child for the misbehavior that he or she knows that is is not acceptable and understands, though there is autism present?

It is easy to lash out at your child by hitting the individual, for their misbehavior. The first thing you as a parent(s), caregiver(s) need to consider,is, let your child know what kind of behavior is unacceptable and if they do not obey the rules, there will be punishment. Tell your child what kind of punishment there will be, if the rules are not followed. This also depends on the age of the individual and their understanding of the unacceptable behavior.

I find for myself, when dealing with children with autism, hitting the child, only makes the misbehavior more compounded. I feel explaining and talking to your child, is the best method for you and your child to understand what unacceptable behavior is. Of course set boundaries for your child.

As parent(s) or caregiver(s), we must ask ourselves are we communicating to the individual with autism in a positive way so that we do not feel the need to hit the child for misbehaving.

I often wonder, if we as adults, have a power struggle for the child with autism for them to follow our instructions? This could stem back to your own childhood because no one listened to you at that age.

Is hitting your child going to reinforce your child who is misbehaving? I am a firm believer in many hugs, kisses, praising and complimenting children.

Positive reinforcement, builds self-esteem, in addition, to communicating with your child, by playing, doing fun tasks together and developing new skills and goals.

This kind of interaction gives your child a strong handle on confidence in himself or herself and also trust in you.

This builds a strong bond, a relationship between you and your child, that strengthens the relationship, so your child wants to be obedient to you, because he or she respects you.

I have been aware, that hitting your child for misbehaving, sometimes destroys the strong bond children with autism may have with their parent(s) or caregiver(s).

Before hitting your child who has autism, for punishment, find another way to make your rules and directions for obedience to be a positive result.

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