Should You Expect Your Autistic Child to Do Chores?

I have met with parent(s), caregiver(s), and many of them do not expect their children to do chores. This had me puzzled.

If you have received a diagnosis that your child is autistic, you may want to consider him or her doing little projects around the house.
By you taking the responsibility and expecting your child to participate in some small task, for the household, you, your child and family will benefit.

In addition, your child will learn responsibility, grow in other areas. Such as, your child will be able to do chores when he or she gets older with age, gain self-esteem, confidence, courage, feel he or she is contributing to the family and gaining a sense of accomplishment.

As a parent(s), caregiver(s), you may realize that giving an autistic child responsibility to do chores may take a little longer to accomplish, or it may not be done the way you would expect it to be done. You know you could do the job in less time, do it better, and take more time for yourself to do other things.

The positive side of having your autistic child to do chores is, both your child and you will benefit. How? I have experienced, there are many important reasons to have your autistic child do chores. For example:

* It gives him or her responsibility.

* They are contributing to the family.

* A feeling of usefulness.

* Self-esteem.

* Self-pride.

* Honesty.

* Sense of accomplishment.

* Teaches your child to want to do more, within the capability of your child.

* Teaches interaction with siblings and other individuals.

* Encourages your child that he or she is valued.

Some of you who are parent(s), caregiver(s), may be thinking your child is doing too much when it comes to chores. You may become nervous and feel your child is not able or capable of starting or finishing a task.

Start by giving your child small tasks to do. Allow him or her to know how they are contributing to the family in a positive way. Let them know, it probably would not get accomplished if they had not helped with the chores.

It is imperative when you decide to designate chores, keep them simple, not complex. By taking this action, it will eliminate stress for your child and you.

Encourage your child to feel good about the task you are giving him or her, no matter how simple it is.

Reward your child with praise, a treat, an outing, an allowance, or some special surprise, that will encourage various chores to be accomplished in the future.

Are you ready to give your child chores who has autism? If so, what can he or she do? Be creative, make it fun.

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