Signs Of Home Based Business Scams

Home Based businesses are so popular that you can see advertisements about them almost everywhere. You can see ads about it in newspapers, radio and television commercials and magazine pages. It is also advertised in the internet. It promises great opportunities to earn a profit plus the chance to just work at home which is very convenient for people who do not want to go to the office and report everyday. But not everything they promise is true.

Scammers have discovered that promoting a false home based business is also a great opportunity to victimize people. People become vulnerable when it comes to businesses especially if they don't have much knowledge about the business and their financial circumstances are dire. They are easily lured by the idea of earning a huge amount of money at a very short time and to top it all, they won't have to do so much work.

Signing up and investing your money without doing a research about the company is not a very good decision. The Internet has made researching easier and faster. It is just up to you to do the research and then decide afterwards. Below are some tips on what to look for when choosing a business opportunity. This will help you tell if the business is a legitimate one or not.

Incomplete contact details. It is a legitimate company if it is not hesitant to give out its contact details. They should have the following information about their company:

- A physical address of their office - Telephone number - Fax number

If they can only give you a mobile phone number or an e-mail address as their contact information, then you should have second thoughts on dealing with these people. Changing a cellphone number or an e-mail address can be done in a breeze.

You need to pay to get hired. It is not wise to invest money for you to get hired. Home based businesses or work-at-home jobs that are legitimate don't require these payments. If they ask a "membership fee" or a "one-time training fee", then you might be dealing with scammers.

There are no products or service to sell. How can you earn money without selling or doing anything? This is a major sign that the company is a fake.

It is a new company with no track record. It is much better if you will choose a company who has been doing business for years than join a new company. Why is that? If it is a new company, there won't be a record to check. Older companies will have a track record available that you can check if you want to make sure that it is stable enough to last for years. You have to also check the company's reputation and reliability.

You should sign up today or never at all. It is very important that you are given enough time to research and think about everything before making a decision if you are going to join the company or not. If the company says "It's now or never", then you should not oblige. Stability is a great sign of a legitimate business.

Elizabeth Ross is a Loan Consultant, Internet Marketer, Writer and has been providing consumers and business owners with financing since 1989. For more free homebased business books and ideas, visit

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