Six Basic Tips In Relaxing Tight Curls

Ideas in relaxing tight curls include shampooing the hair, using conditioner, having an oil treatment, blow drying hair, braiding hair at night, and using styling hair shampoos and conditioners.

There are instances when for some time we desire to have our hair permed but just end up having very tight curls which don't interest us. Instead of regretting too much, there are simple ways you can perform to aid relax the curls and help you get the permed hair style you've always wanted to have.

Shampoo hair

Immediately once you return home, wash and shampoo your hair if you believe your curls are just too tight. Generally, cleansing the hair right after a perm is not done so the perm treatment chemical can completely set in. Stop the result of making the perm therapy work carefully by washing your hair. Some of the chemical substance used for the perm therapy will be washed away and thus it will help to loosen the curls.

Apply conditioner

After you've shampooed hair, have a thick cream conditioner utilized on hair. The conditioner will moisturize the strands of your hair and soften the cuticles to aid the curls to loosen up. Once you have utilized the conditioner to the hair, comb them gently to make them straight. Then, cover your hair inside a cellophane bag and leave it the way it is for approximately ten to thirty minutes. This assist in making those curls relax. And then, thoroughly wash the conditioner off hair using warm water.

Have an oil therapy

There are 2 forms of oil therapy which you can utilize to straighten hair. These are the hot and cold oil therapy. Pick the one that will require you to heat the oil prior to being utilized so as to nurture the hair while weighing it down. This will assist in loosening those firm curls. One great type of oil to utilize for this treatment is the pure moroccan oil. Heat this specific oil for approximately 30 seconds in the microwave oven. Then, test the temperature with your fingertips and do not apply it until it is perfectly hot to the touch. Utilize the oil to the hair utilizing your fingertips starting from the roots and all the way to the tips. Completely work the oil until your complete hair is fully saturated. Apart from the Moroccan oil, you may also utilize olive oil as an alternative. Cover your hair inside a conditioning cap for about two hours so the oil can intensely do its work on hair and further relax it, nurture it, as well as prevent the oil from dripping on the ground.

Blow-dry your hair

Make use of a blow dryer on the hair and also a round bristled brush to improve the shape of the waves from being very tight to loose. You may also utilize rollers or salon rods in sizes that you want for your curls and then blow-dry or air-dry them. One more option would also be to use a flat iron. Blow-dry hair first, and then utilize the flat iron in sections of your hair where you need the curls to further loosen in shape.

Braid your hair at night

Braiding hair will also help to loosen up those tight curls a little bit. Braid your hair loosely during the night prior to going to sleep.

Apply straightening hair shampoos and hair conditioners

A straightening shampoo and conditioner wouldn't necessarily get the hair to become completely straight, but they will help in relaxing the curls.

Immediately right after a perm, the hair is in a really vulnerable condition. So, exercise caution when handling your hair to prevent breakage and damage.

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