Six Signs It's Probably Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Garage door replacement is, admittedly, a costly and time-consuming project. But in some circumstances, there's just no avoiding it. If you want to maintain your home's safety, integrity, and attractiveness, you may have to call for a new garage door installation. Here are some of the signs:

Cracked or Peeling Paint or Wood- this may only require some refinishing, to make up for the fact that finishing materials often erode and fall victim to the UV rays of the sun over time. If the wood itself has cracked, or there are actual holes in your door, then it's time to replace the entier garage door.

Dings and Dents- especially a problem with aluminum and steel garage doors, dents ad dings tend to accumulate over time and look simply awful. On a non-insulated door, some dents can be pushed back from the inside. But some more major damage really just requires a replacement.

Huge Energy Bills- if you're finding it's costing you more and more to heat your home, it may not JUST be the rise in energy costs. Your old garage door may be leaking heat in the winter (and air conditioning in the summer) An insulated, perfectly sealed door is key for keeping your entire home's temperature well modulated. You may be able to do with simple weatherstripping the bottom of the door, but it's best to install garage door insulation or, in the case of very old, faulty doors, just replace the whole thing.

Trouble Opening and Shutting Your Door- If your garage door is getting excessively difficult to operate, it may be that some o the complicated moving parts of the opening mechanism have become rusted, worn out, or are broken. This puts unnecessary stress on your electric garage door opener as well. This is a definite sign that you either need to replace parts or get a whole new door.

If the springs, for example, are compromised, your door may no longer be safe and could injure someone. If it's your cables, they could be frayed and in danger of breaking unexpectedly, causing harm. If it's the rollers (and likely they are included in the list of culprits), you may need to lubricate them or replace them. It's a good idea in general to update to the newer technology of nylon rollers, for the most quiet and smooth operation possible. Bent or twisted tracks may also be part of the problem. If they're not perfectly, straight-ly attached to the door jambs and the ceiling, they could present problems.

If you're looking for help getting a garage door replacement or attempting a difficult garage door repair, it's a good idea to go to the experts. Http:// is a good resource for customers in the California region.

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