Social Media and How "Fandom" has Changed

Ask yourself a question. When you were a child, did you idolize or fantasize about celebrities, rock stars or sports athletes? Did you hold them to this ideal standard based on the show or movie they were in, the latest song they sang on the radio or how many touchdown passes they caught last season? Did you read every article you could find in every magazine or newspaper just to know a little bit more about them? If you're anything like me, you can answer yes to many of those questions. I may have gone even further, beyond the typical search-and-gather mission, by actually writing letters to one or two of my very favorites. I was a teenage girl in the 80's and in love with the Brat Packers. It was what we did, because in our dreams, we were someday going to marry one of them.

Truth be told, we knew very little about them. According to Teen Beat, we knew they wanted a girlfriend that was funny, natural and kind and we were convinced we were that (then again…who WASN'T that?). We knew every canned answer they had given yet we were naive enough to still find it thought-provoking, amusing and completely fascinating every time we read it.

In today's world, people have the novelty of more options to find out more about their favorite celebrity. Sure, there are still newspapers and magazines, but the world wide web has opened up a whole new area for information gathering. From websites to social media to real-time commentary, it is now possible to get closer than ever to your favorite celeb. There are sites that can set up an interview with someone famous in which you can actually personally participate. The celebrity answers question in a real-time format, which allows the "average Joe and Jane" to gain insight into who that person really is. Rather than finding out that your teen crush likes girls who are funny, natural and kind, you may actually find out that he likes redheads that like to surf, that love animals and enjoy Chinese food. A little bit more specific, huh? The answers are real, personable and humanistic. Rather than a person being placed on this pedestal high above, they've now become someone that you might be able to say hi to on the street. They are humans…just like the rest of us. And who knows? They just might even answer a question of yours!

So go online….explore social media and your favorite celebs. Jump onto an open discussion site and see what happens. By George, if you bump into that celebrity on the street, do your best to say hello without drooling.

Tamara Day is a writer that's living life in a northern town while dreaming of a southern one, while having interactive discussions with celebrities on

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