Staying Away from Unnecessary Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is a common problem for many consumers. It is very easy to get into trouble if you misuse this payment tool. It may even be the cause of bankruptcy if you default on payments. There are some techniques in staying away from delinquency.

The cardinal rule is to ensure that you do not buy more than what you can pay. It feels nice to go on a shopping spree. Then, you realize that your credit limit has all been used up. Now, comes the hardest part. It is necessary to pay on time and avoid very high interest charges. The key is to know your limitations. Come up with a budget and do not go beyond this allowance. It is an effective way of staying away from financial liabilities.

As much as possible, do not use your card for daily purchases. Credit cards are not for this purpose. It is more suitable for major buys. Do not forget your spending restrictions. It is like borrowing money for basic necessities. These should be paid in cash. At the same time, make sure to pay your card bill punctually and in full every month. This is what financial gurus call a preventive credit card solution. If this is not possible, make the minimum payment if you are short of funds for the month. Never miss settlements no matter what!

It is advisable to regulate the number of your credit cards. One or two may be enough. Otherwise, you are prone to more debts. At the same time, do not be overeager in raising your credit limit. You acquire more arrears by increasing the ceiling. It is a formula for disaster that you must keep away from.

Do not try to transfer debts from the high-interest card to one that supposedly has a minimal introductory rate. It makes some sense but you should understand terms and conditions carefully. You may end up owing more than you can handle by ignoring or misreading policies. Perhaps, this can be a viable option if you are disciplined enough to settle amortizations before the Annual Percentage Rate increases. If not, you pay higher interest charges.

Do not use the credit card for cash advances. This is a mistake that you will absolutely feel sorry about. Interest rates on cash advances are significantly higher compared to daily purchases. Rates usually go as high s 21 or up to 24 percent.

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