Structuring Your Workout: Intensity

In the world of working out, there are hundreds of misconceptions that keep people from really starting their total health overhaul. Something that sounds doable when you're fired up on New Year's Eve but it might not actually make it past the resolution stage when you realize how intimidating it can be to actually change your own life - and exercising is one of the number one most broken New Year's Resolutions!

One of the most prominent misconceptions is whether or not it is better to work out less during the week, but have those workouts be highly intensive, or if it's more productive to workout with less intensity more often. When many people fall under the false realization that they have to be doing extreme workouts daily, it decreases their chance of fitness success and depletes their motivation. Often, when it comes to questions that are similar to this, the best thing to do is to refer to our own sense of physical wellness in order to come up with a personalized result. So much of health is intimate and individual, and one size fits all answers have proven time and time again to be failures in terms of giving broad accurate advice. While it will differ depending on your body type, strength, and overall health, there are some guidelines for you to consider.

No matter where you are in your journey, regular workouts are going to benefit you. Personal training Miami classes and group training Miami classes are great ways of getting structured, intensive exercise into your fitness routine. However, it is important to keep a varied schedule when it comes to which muscle groups are being targeted and in what ways. The same boot camp Miami style workout daily will result in the same muscles being torn without time to heal and grow stronger. Walking on days you're not doing boot camp, however, keeps you flexible and fit. In contrast, only walking will not help you build the kind of muscle you'd get in an intensive fitness program. Ultimately, the answer to our initial question is that a mix of both low and high intensity workouts in an alternating schedule is the best way to keep yourself where you need to be in your fitness journey.

At the end of the day, it seems that moderation and careful attention is the key to making the most out of any structured exercise practices you may engage in. Keep an eye on how your body feels during and after working out, and always adjust to your own limits, boundaries and goals. Total mind body wellness is dependent on having access to information like this that allows you to understand your health and wellness experiences, and to make informed decisions based on those experiences. Finding the right gym is one of the most sure ways you can gain the information and the tools to keep yourself on track with your fitness goals - whether it was a New Year's promise or not!

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon is an SEO content writer that has covered a variety of topics, including physical fitness.

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