Students Everywhere Getting Excited About The Magic Of Science

While musicians, authors and dance troupes have entertained schools for years, Dennis Regling has developed unique and interesting, curriculum based programs that are changing the way schools look at cultural enrichment. assemblies. His science programs are not just fun, but educational, too.

They are a wonderful compliment to classroom instruction, introducing new concepts and reinforcing previously ones.

When asked about the show, Thomas J. Presti, Sixth Grade Team Coordinator for Archer Lodge Middle School, Wendell, NC, commented, "We lucked out this year because Dennis was available for our assembly. He came in and did 90 minutes of engaging, entertaining and educational material that held our interest the entire time. His show mixed science, math and humor which was perfect for our Middle School Audience."

Author and entertainer Dennis Regling has been presenting The Magic Of Science for 14 years. This fun-filled, lively and exciting science show is geared towards a better understanding of Science and Technology and is fit for audiences of all ages. Packed with laughs and the unexpected, this presentation will enthuse and motivate both young learners and adults alike.

Filled with amazing demonstrations of Math, Physics, Electricity, Chemistry, Air Pressure and Optical Illusions, Mr. Dennis, aka Dennis Regling, shows how magicians use science to fool us. Mr. Dennis explains the science that make the demonstrations work in easy to understand language.

After the show, Mr. Dennis leaves teacher materials for the classroom and a copy of his book, "The Magic Of Science," for the school library.

In the words of Tracia VanKlaveren, Southwest PTA, Geneseo, IL, "Mr. Regling, I would like to thank you for coming into our district and your performances. I have received a lot of positive feedback from the teachers and saw first hand how engaged the children were. In addition, I would like to commend you on your ability to control the assembly."

A professional educator, Mr. Regling has not only performed at elementary, middle and junior high schools, but also at universities and colleges in Maryland, North Carolina and Mississippi.

Schools are discovering that forty five minutes of fun and laughter really is forty five minutes of learning. Over 1500 schools in 28 states have experienced The Magic Of Science.

The states Dennis serves include: Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennesee, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

For more information on The Magic Of Science Show or Dennis Regling, go to: The Magic Of Science"

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