Stutch Data LTO 6 - Understanding The Concepts

If you run a business or organization, you may have realized the importance of backing up your data. You may be faced with a tragedy like a fire or flood that may end up ruining your data. Sometimes the computers may crash or you may also lose data through human error. Data backup systems are therefore crucial for the survival of your organization and Stutch Data LTO 6 can give you solution you have been looking for.

What is LTO?

LTO is an acronym for Linear Tape - Open, which is a tape storage technology that has an open format. This technology was developed by International Business Machines (IBM), Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Seagate Technology. The open format enables users to access many different sources of storage media that are all compatible with each other.

LTO Technology

The LTO technology is a combination of a number of elements. Some of these elements are the methods used to encode and compress digitally and the materials that are used to create the tapes. How long the tape in each cartridge is and the physical thickness of the data bits that are found in the tape are also part of the technology.

The speed of the tape as it is moving through the drive is also an important element. With time, other elements were added to the technology including 'write-once, read many', also known as WORM and the encryption of data. Partitioning is also done to create the linear tape file system (LTFS).


The Linear Tape - Open technology has been undergoing continual advancement since it was introduced in the year 2000. The technology began at the generation 1 stage and is currently at generation 6. Generation 6 was introduced in the year 2012, with the ability to provide a storage capacity of 2.5 terabytes (TB) maximum.

The compressed capacity of the LTO 6 is 6.25TB maximum. The terabyte measures the storage capacity of the computer and is equal to a trillion bytes. A terabyte is also defined as 1024 gigabytes (GB). The generation 6 LTO is the first one in the lineage of LTO where the capacity when compressed has a compression ratio of 2.5:1. The previous generations, which are 1 to 5, had a compression ratio of 2:1.

The natural transfer rate of data for generation 6 is 160 megabytes per second (MBps). The transfer rate of the data when it has been compressed is 400MBps. The Stutch Data LTO 6 accommodates the features that had been added to the previous generations. These features include encryption that is hardware based, write-once, read-many (WORM) and partitioning for the linear tape file system (LTFS).


There is the element of compatibility between different generations of LTO. Each LTO generation is developed with the ability to be compatible with the two generations that came before it. This means that Stutch Data LTO 6 drives will allow you to read and write fifth and fourth generation cartridges. Generally, an Ultrium LTO drive has the ability to read data from cartridges within its generation and the former two generations. It can also write data to cartridges in its generation and the immediate generation that came before it.

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