Sun Rooms & Patio Rooms For Year Round Enjoyment

When it comes to home improvements or home additions, the sunrooms are among the most popular. A patio room is a room the whole family can enjoy and is a great room for entertaining. Most people add this type of room overlooking a pool area or gazebo for a great view.

A great patio room can include sky lights and screening which is like being outside without being outside. The room can be as elaborate or as simple as you make it. The simpler end of a sun room can be created with a tiled floor, a table with some chairs and maybe a sofa or television. It can be used for the family in the summer when coming in from the pool or for a dinner that has the feel of being outside. In winter the room is always toasty from the sunlight coming in.

More elaborate sun rooms contain Jacuzzi tubs, couches, a bar, sunlights, and more. A total entertainment center in your home for entertaining during any season. A sun room is built with all glass and framing. The floor ceiling glass allows for major amounts of sunlight to flow into the room - hence the name sunroom. The glass can continue to form the ceiling or a regular ceiling can be used with skylights.

These rooms add value to the home as well as to the life of the family residing in the home. The additional space, creates a whole new vibe and a new place to occupy to read the paper, have breakfast or play some games. It quickly becomes one of the most favorite rooms in the home. Most patio rooms are better insulated than the orginal house. With 4" insulated walls, dual pane windows, and vinyl framing, energy efficiency is quite high. Well insulated rooms keep the heat in during the winter, and keep rooms cool during the summer.

There are contractors who specialize in building these patio rooms, custom made for any size home or backyard. Looking at floor plans can help you decide just what type of room that you want to add on to your home. Or you can turn an existing room into a sun room with some renovations that including wall to ceiling windows. Any style and any design goes when it comes to sunrooms. They are an enjoyable and fun addition to any home.

The author, Paul Gordon,is president of Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc a leading San Francisco Bay Area General Contractor that specializes in the installation of french drains for both residential and commerical applications. The author can be contacted at 510-909-8552

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