Sunrooms and Patio Room Enclosures Enhance The Place Where You Live

Where you live is more important than where you reside. When you have a home you really want to live in it and enjoy it. Patio rooms are emerging as one of the most coveted rooms in a home and adding value to not only the home but to the lives of those who reside in it.

Patio rooms come in many shapes and sizes. When considering adding this type of room, keep in mind that size is not everything. It is more about the view and the additional space and function.

These rooms are typically made of glass panels that curve up and create the ceiling. A solarium style patio room is often the most popular. It provides year round sunlight and pleasure. In fact, most people a lot of their time in their sunrooms versus any other room in the home. Sunrooms are popular in winter as well as in the summer.

Patio room contractors can assess the size of your land and the best choices for your addition. If the backyard has a pool, the best place for the sunroom is overlooking the pool. Most often the sunroom or patio room with have an extension of a cemented patio area outside the room to offer both indoor and outdoor activity around the pool. A durable flooring is often used so that those who are wet can enter and not damage the room.

During winter these rooms are warm oasis from the cold, while you enjoy the views of the snow falling. They have become popular in fighting seasonal depression, giving the ability to be in the sunlight while being inside. They also reduce heating bills as they provide natural heat and warmth. Your health, happiness, and family well being can benefit from a bright cheerful room.

Patio rooms are just as popular in the warmer climate locations such as Florida and California as they are in the colder climate locations such as Colorado and the northeast. Anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits of a patio room addition. They add value to any home. A professional consultation can help with deciding the style and location.

The best way to explore the potential of a patio room sunroom at your house is with an experienced general contractor that can handle all the plans, permits, and site work that will be required. A good general contractor will make the process easy and stress free for you and your family.

Paul Gordon is a leading authority on patio room additions. Paul is president of Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc, , a leading San Francisco Bay Area general contractor specializing in patio rooms and sunrooms.
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