Survive 2014 By Avoiding These 5 Dumb Financial Decisions

1. Attending an expensive college when you're not sure what you want to do or where you want to work.

Unless you are sure that your college university along with your chosen degree is the best way into a particular job, attending an expensive university and taking out thousands of dollars in student loan debt is one of the quickest ways to get yourself into financial hot water for the next 30 years of your life.

2. Getting married without looking at your intended spouse's credit report.

Although it isn't exactly romantic, if you want to start the marriage off right, it is important to know your intended spouse's financial standing. Your credit rating, as well as that of your spouse's, will vastly affect the financial planning and decision-making that is involved in the marriage.

3. Go to a job interview without knowing what's on your credit report.

Your potential employer will most likely look at your credit report before the interview. It is important to remember this every time you get an interview. In considering a person's qualifications for a job, many employers are now including checking credit reports in the process. That said, you don't want your potential employer to know something about you that you aren't prepared to explain. You should be ready to explain the circumstances surrounding your recent bankruptcy or a judgment against you. Don't expect to have a great shot at a job in which you will be handling a lot of money if you have these types of negative marks against you on your credit report. It's very likely you won't get it.

4. Avoiding saving for emergencies because you can't afford to save.

You need to revise your budget immediately if you don't have the money to save for emergencies. You are surely setting yourself up for future debt and financial trouble by not having an emergency plan in place. Regardless of your income, you should have an "in case of emergency" savings account to help cushion the financial impact of any kind of crisis.

5. Taking out a payday loan.

Payday loans are just a bad plan, period. Borrow money from a friend or a family member, instead of getting a payday loan, if you need money in a pinch. The payday loan cycle is a vicious one and is almost impossible to break one you start. The people running the payday loan companies know this, too, which is why they make it so easy for you to get one.

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