Symptoms Of Jock Itch In Females

Why It's Important To Be Aware Of The Symptoms Of Jockitch In Females And Take Action Quickly

Jock Itch is mostly thought of as a male problem, but a certain percentage of the cases also involve women. Women can also get a yeast infection of the vagina, many times caused by the same fungi that cause Jock Itch, so it is contagious, and should be attended to immediately, as soon as you see, or feel, any of the symptoms of Jockitch in females.

There Are Plenty Of Symptoms Of Jockitch In Females

The first noticeable symptom is almost always the insatiable itching, the more you scratch the more it itches. Then you might also notice that your hands smell of yeast after you touch the area, that's a sure sign right there. On closer inspection, you'll see that the skin is raised slightly, and there is a red rash around the raised skin, this is the part of the infection that is growing and spreading.

After the infection has progressed, the center of the rash will lighten up, and then begin oozing fluid, this fluid is highly contagious and contains many spores to transmit the disease to others, or other locations on your body. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after touching or scratching the area. Luckily Jock Itch isn't as contagious as it could be, skin usually has to be abraded by friction for the infection to take hold.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

The major causes of fungal infections are a warm, dark, moist area that's been chafed due to friction. There are always bacteria and fungi on nearly all parts of our bodies, but they need to have a trigger to get them started infecting the lower, underlying layers of skin, they don't just get there on there own.

Make sure that you don't have clothing that is rubbing your skin, especially in the groin area, but everywhere else too. If you're going on a long hike, check your clothing for a good fit, make sure your belt is holding up your pants correctly, and by all means use some medicated baby powder in your groin area.

When you've been exercising for quite awhile, take the time to wipe off any extra sweat, and be sure and shower afterwards. And again, use some talcum powder to help dry any chafed areas, or places with excess sweat. Sweat is a breeding ground for fungi, it's warm, has vitamins, minerals and maybe a little sugar to help the microbes thrive and reproduce.

There Are Lots Of Good Home Remedies You Can Use

If you have some tea tree oil, it's one of the best yeast killers there is, and it's all natural as well. It comes in soaps, creams, ointments, and also pure oil. You should follow the instructions on the label, making sure to make repeated applications as necessary, and for several days after the infection has healed. Tea tree oil is available at most pharmacies and many department stores.

Alcohol is another great method for curing Jock Itch, you'll need to make several applications per day to the infected area, and surrounding skin. The alcohol doesn't leave a long term residue, so will have to be reapplied frequently to have an affect.

Taking care of a yeast infection, fungal infection or any other type of skin problem starts with being vigilant enough to spot it early on. Once it's gotten totally out of control, you'll want to seek a doctor to get prescription medications to speed the healing process. By acting quickly though you have a good chance of eradicating the infection rapidly and effectively.

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