Take One Day at a Time to Untangle the Knots of Stress-- With Your Autistic Child

Are you tied up in knots which is due to stress because you have an autistic child? You are all knotted up and you have no clue of how you are going to untangle those knots of stress, because your child with the disorder of autism is creating problems, and challenges that need to be resolved. To resolve, straighten, and untangle these knots of stress, which symbolize challenges, and problems, takes time.

I have learned from my own experience with an autistic child, that there had been times when no progress was being made. During that period, I wanted to give up, because I could not untangle the knots I was experiencing, and I felt I was getting nowhere.

It probably seems that you are not making progress with your autistic child. It takes time, and it can be a difficult task. It takes one day at a time to untangle the knots of stress, with your autistic child.

Having an autistic child, may seem like an eternity for your child and you to adjust with the new challenges that are to be faced. You must realize, it is imperative for you to take one day at a time and try to resolve your problems with positive changes to eliminate stress.

I have learned by talking constantly about your problems that have you tied up in knots to other people, only compounds your issues. It is wise to pick and choose the people you want to discuss your challenges you are experiencing, regarding your child, to people you can trust and who understand what it is like to have an autistic child.

Try not to make you circumstances of being tied up in knots with stress, the focal point of your life. If you do, it will control your thinking and dominate every conversation you have. Remember, do not let your problems of being tied up in knots, because you have an autistic child, dominate your life. Take one day at a time, sort through your problems, challenges that have you tied up in knots, due to stress, because of your child.

Do not waste time feeling sorry for yourself and wallowing in self-pity over things that cannot be changed. Untangle the knots of stress a little at a time. Live and enjoy your life to its fullest each day.

I know some people who have autistic children and they are addicted to being tied up in knots with stress. They are not happy unless they have a problem to talk about constantly. They use their child with the disorder of autism for other people to feel sorry for them. By taking this kind of attitude, they will always be tied up in knots with stress, so will their child, and the problems will not get resolved.

Take one day at a time to untangle the knots of stress, that you are exposed to, from your autistic child. Do not use your child as an excuse, or a scapegoat for the new problems and challenges that arise.

Sort and filter through your tangled knots of stress and learn how to untangle them, and make new and positive changes.

Your child with the disorder of autism is special, and enjoy one day at a time with your child, and you will gain positive results, and benefits.

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