Tap Into A Stylish New Bathroom

Since a whole host of home improvement and interior design focussed television programmes burst onto our screens more than a decade ago the art of home beautification has become increasingly popular. With celebrity gurus sharing tips on living room revitalisation on a budget and the most fashionable styles of contemporary kitchen; no room in the fashion conscious homeowner's house is likely to have been left un-accessorised...except perhaps the bathroom.

The bathroom is a truly unique space - it can serve as a relaxation haven for home spa treatments whilst also being on hand to answer calls of nature and facilitate speedy pre-work showering. Given the strains the bathroom faces on a daily basis and varied roles served: it only seems fair to lavish some care and attention upon this often overlooked room. With this in mind here are some quick and simple ways to give your bathroom a new lease of life without spending a fortune.

Invest in New Brassware

Long gone are the days of dull taps with plastic handles which drain any sense of style from the basin area of the bathroom. There are a vast array of innovative bathroom fixture manufacturers out there who create exciting, eye catching and practical bathroom taps to suit all tastes. Whether your style leans towards minimalism, traditional styling or indeed anywhere in between there are certain to be attractive and appropriate tap options out there for you to add some functional bling to your bathroom.

Co-ordinate the Bath Linen

As with pretty much every other room in the house, well co-ordinated accessories can totally revitalise the bathroom. As opposed to investing in knick-knacks or trinkets for your bathroom suite however, a great course of action is to splash out on co-ordinated luxury towels and bath linen. As well as bringing cohesion to the look of your bathroom, high quality towels also bring obvious practicality and day to day comfort benefits.

Add Floral Flourishes

A vase of fresh flowers or indeed well positioned dried flowers or potpourri brings not only a welcome fragrance to the bathroom but also serves as attractive and homely visual features. Contemporary styled bathrooms in particular can be a little stark and clinical; the introduction of some natural beauty can lift the entire room and make the bathroom into a totally different space.

A complete overhaul of the family bathroom or an en suite bathroom can be an incredibly costly endeavour. Provided your fixtures and sanitary ware are functional and presentable, these small changes could make a major difference with minimal outlay.

Written by Jamie Rock Lyons on behalf of Richard Haworth Bath Linen and Tapshop321 Sagittarius Taps

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