Teach Children With Autism How to Lace Their Shoes--It is Easy

Children with autism may have a difficult time lacing their shoes, especially tennis shoes or dress shoes for young boys and men. This includes young girls and women also. This can be made into an easy task.

Try to explain and show your child what the shoelaces are for and show them where the eyelets in the shoes are, explain in an easy, simple way of how to lace the shoe strings through the eyelets of the shoes.

Most children with autism are visual individuals. They seem to do better and learn by visual props. An excellent way of teaching to present this idea of lacing shoelaces, is to make it easy, is, you could use a larger shoe to demonstrate the method for lacing shoes, as a prop.

If the shoe is an old shoe and you have no use for it, you could be creative and spray paint it with colorful spray paint that is not toxic. Let it dry and then explain the method, as you show your child how to lace his or her shoes.

Another creative idea you might want to put in motion, is to purchase some colorful shoe laces. Have each shoelace a different color for each shoe and each side of the eyelets, so your child will be able to see the crisscross pattern of the lacing and the lacing of the shoestring. For example, you have one shoe with a red shoelace and a yellow one, the other shoe with a green and purple shoelace, so each shoe has 2 different colored shoelaces. Now, that is easy.

This will give your child a visual colorful effect, so he or she, will not get mixed up with the pattern. A child with autism may not have good finger coordination or the patience to stay focused with lacing shoelaces.

It will take patience and practice for your child who is having a difficult time using shoelaces, to lace shoes for it to become easy. If your child becomes frustrated and wants to quit because the task seems overwhelming, then stop and pursue it another time, when he or she is more relaxed or can handle lacing his or her shoes with a shoelace, to make it easy.

Another excellent way to demonstrate how to lace shoes with shoelaces, to help your child with the disorder of autism, is to use puppets as characters to show your child how to lace and tie his or her shoes. This will also make it easy for them to understand and it is visual.

Make it a fun visual game. Learning to lace shoes with shoestrings develops coordination, dexterity, visual movement and it helps your child to understand the importance of caring for his or her shoes, when they wear them. This can be made into an easy task.

Make it a fun task and be creative. Never devalue your child if there is a struggle lacing his or her shoes. It will become easy as time goes along.

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