Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Nothing is more disheartening to anyone than when they start to feel their age. It happens to all of us, but it doesn't make it any less jarring when we find ourselves pushed aside for a younger generation. It can be especially galling when it happens to a business that feels like it still has many good years left in it. The problem that these aging businesses face is not with their products or services, though; it comes from how they market themselves. In order to stay relevant, they need to stay competitive, and a good search engine optimization company can do that for them.

Just like the name suggests, a search engine optimization - or SEO - company specializes in helping their clients move up in the rankings when someone does an internet search for their type of business. They accomplish this by creating media documents including blog posts and press releases that contain specific keywords shown to create the best results when run through several different search engines. By keeping their client current, it helps to bring about a higher rate of return.

That is the basic purpose of all SEO companies, but many are starting to expand their businesses to offer other services, and this starts to get into the areas where many older businesses, unfamiliar with the latest trends in social media, can benefit the greatest. Many SEO companies now offer social media management as well. Simply put, they make sure that the client is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms and they create ways to help the client engage with their customers.

The best example that many companies use when talking to clients about social media management is comparing it to the old office water cooler. Here people would gather around to talk about the weekend, the things they did and the places they went. Many times it was based on referrals from co-workers that people made a decision on where to eat or shop. The social media plays that same purpose today, giving friends the chance to "gather together" and talk about what is going on in their lives. By having a properly managed social media presence, an older company can continue to stay relevant in today's business.

Just because technology is changing and the old rules no longer seem to apply, that does not mean companies that once seemed stuck in their ways cannot adapt. To do so, they just need to understand that sometimes the best help they can get for the job is to bring in an outside consultant. Search engine optimization companies are designed to help move companies forward by using the latest marketing technology. That means your 100 year old business can still be a leader deep into the 21st century.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who covers business trends for older companies dealing with newer technologies. http://www.teamwildflower.com

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