Teeth Straightening Treatment That Is Effective And Comfortable

There are many ways in which you can have your teeth straightened and thanks to technology, there are many options that are available to you. There are different types of braces such as the metal braces which are effective and pocket friendly.

The clear braces will give you the benefits of metal braces but they are not as visible. This will give you the comfort of a better appearance as you undergo treatment. Invisible aligners such as Invisalign and lingual braces are also options you can choose. Insignia braces are customized for your teeth to make your treatment as effective as possible.

Why Are Insignia Braces Different?

Insignia is software which is used by an orthodontist to create braces that are customized specifically for your teeth. The orthodontist is able to get a 3D image of your treatment plan and uses this model to prepare brackets and arch wires that will address your condition. The software is used to identify where each bracket should be placed on each tooth to provide the best tooth movement for the perfect smile.

The arch wires are custom made which means you will require fewer adjustments on your braces. You will therefore take less time at the orthodontist's during appointments. Your appointments will also significantly reduce which will make your treatment much easier. Your treatment will also take a shorter time because of the efficiency of the braces.

Benefits Of Insignia Braces

The 3D software that is used to create the Insignia braces shows an image of your teeth. Once your treatment plan is integrated into the software you will be able to see an image of how your teeth will appear once the treatment is over. Your facial features are also incorporated into your treatment plan so that you can have straight teeth and a proper facial balance after the treatment. Orthodontists who provide Insignia braces are trained and certified to offer this service which means you will be able to get the most effective treatment if you opt for Insignia.

What Does Insignia Braces Treat?

The braces can treat a wide variety of conditions including overbites, underbites and crowded teeth. When your teeth are not aligned properly, you will have a problem keeping them clean. If your upper and lower teeth do not meet properly when you bite, your jaw muscles will get strained which can result in headaches and neck pain. Your teeth are also likely to wear out due to an incorrect bite which will weaken them over time.

Sometimes the appearance of your face can get affected when your teeth and jaws are misaligned. You can benefit from Insignia braces as long as your orthodontist is certified to offer you the service.

Maintaining Your Oral Hygiene

Once the braces are fixed onto your teeth, it is upon you to ensure that you thoroughly brush your teeth and braces. Your orthodontist will give you tips on how best you can clean your mouth to ensure that there is no build up of plaque. An accumulation of plaque will cause the tooth enamel to decay. You may also need to adjust your diet for instance reducing on your sugar intake and avoiding hard foods and fizzy drinks.

Dr Nino Gullotta is a highly skilled and talented orthodontist who has been practicing for the last thirty years. He is experienced in offering Insignia braces for teeth straightening. Please visit Gullotta Orthodontics webpage for more info.

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