The Altercation Between Sangrias And Margaritas

Hello, I'm Sangrias. My best friend Margaritas and I were just hanging out when she asked me if I was talking about her behind her back. I asked her why she would say a thing like that. Well, it turns out that Beer was spreading rumors about me and my fruit. I think Beer was just jealous of us. Everyone knew that Sangrias and Margaritas were BFFs and inseparable. We had been ever since we met.

By rights, though, I don't think we really should have been able to maintain a friendship. Our personalities were nothing alike. I was smooth and mild with a hint of fruitiness. She was sour and pretty extreme. I was calm and mild mannered while she was fiery and a bit salty. I don't know why, but we just worked. We filled each other's shortcomings and as a team, we were the perfect pair.

Anyway, this was our first big fight that I can recall. Being the fiery one, she wouldn't believe me when I told her that I would never talk about her behind her back. She insisted that Beer had overheard me bad mouthing Margaritas and how she was always changing her colors and flavors of dress and how I thought how ridiculous it was that she didn't go anywhere without her rock necklace. Yeah, I do think it's a bit silly that she wears that salt necklace everywhere she goes. It doesn't matter if it's just a chill night with friends or a formal event. She always had the salt showing. I'm a pretty low key gal and my only accessories are bits of fruit and the occasional wine charm when I'm at a party. Other than that, I never change my color. I'm always the same shade of red. But that doesn't matter to me if Margaritas dresses as she does and how she accessorizes.

Margaritas took a low shot about how simple I am, and how my flavor wasn't as extreme or complex. I, of course, shot back how I thought she was a lousy drunk and a bit of a floozy always hitting up the bottles of Tequila. Then she hit me with the ultimate insult. She called me "chunky." Of course she was speaking of my bits of fruit, but that hurt. They're what really makes me, me.

At that point, I walked away. I just couldn't believe that the reign of Sangrias and Margaritas came to an end this way. I did see her from time to time, mostly hanging out with Beer. I thought Beer was beneath her, but we weren't speaking, so I couldn't say anything. I wanted to, but it took a while to work up the courage to tell her I missed her. I finally did and I could tell that she felt the same way. She apologized for calling me "chunky" and I apologized for calling her a floozy. We're best friends again, Chunky Sangrias and Margaritas the Floozy.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that may or may not have been drinking sangrias and margaritas when writing the above piece.

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