The Art of Crafting Appealing Web Content

There tend to be too much weight accorded by people on the technical aspects and design of a mobile webpages. Although this is vital, it is also necessary to give equal importance to the information provided and the way it is presented: the writing of the content must be impeccable.

The reality is that not many people really are prepared to write content in a clear and concise way, ensuring the absence of any kind of errors and clarity of information.

The teams involved in the creation of web pages normally consist of programmers, designers and marketing specialists usually do not include written communication professionals, who should be responsible for the content composition, organization, optimization and functional distribution.

In addition, these professionals must optimize content to improve search engine positioning and consider SEO and SEM strategies in order to improve the performance of your website. It is necessary therefore to have a good writing team specializing in the Internet world to get a high quality web content according to graphic design, which is usually the part more worked in the creation of a website.

To identify aspects to consider in creating content for mobile websites, we should think at the time of creation but we will also have to provide some checks and modifications until the desired result. This allows us to correct any error that can be committed during the design and publication of content.

Below we present some considerations that help to define the strategy for creating text on your mobile web taking into account the technical limitations of these devices and possible marketing strategies we want to undertake.

Keep your texts short and simple. Users don't like long texts but prefer the short and specific messages. The most important information on the page must appear above it, with no need to scroll down to read. The beginnings of sentences are essential to capture the reader's attention.

Use language that can be easily understood by anyone. All readers should understand the content. It is better to be something casual, with a conversational tone to create a sense of closeness. Adapt your way of communicating to the reader, you will have to analyse a study of the public that your product is targeted.

Use an inverted pyramid style in presenting the information you have on your web pages. The most important findings are presented first, followed by the details and supporting information. Write from the specific to the most general. Ideally, the user should find in the first line the essential information. Always try to create descriptive text, attractive and high quality.

Don't forget to maintain cohesion of all the pages in your site. Adapted to each page. The content must be adapted to each of the pages that contain your website. For example if your site has a blog must contain relevant content and appealing to attract readers, the legal text should be written in a formal language, the contact page should contain all the information needed to locate you or your company. Moreover since visitors are mobile users and are accessing the Web from a mobile device, you shall facilitate the actions of calling or sending of mail, with buttons that will point to these services within your mobile phone.

Implement a cost-efficient SEO campaign. SEO should also make an impact on your site as it has already reached the mobile web browsers and search engines already have algorithms responsible for managing the searches from mobile devices. You should define the keywords directly related to your product or service. This allows us to create a hierarchy of keywords that will help us address our potential customers as well as planning relative marketing strategies.

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