The Art of Entertainment and Social Media

Art and entertainment have an astounding presence on the internet today. From images to audio recordings of the written word, many mediums of art and entertainment seem to somehow end up on the internet. Sharing these examples of art and exposing new people to unfamiliar content is now possible. Social media gives us the opportunity to go a step further and engage with the product and the artists themselves. As this platform gives more people the chance to be heard, it also gives entertainment figures, those who are regularly heard, an opportunity to express themselves outside of the confines of their entertainment box. The ways in which they do so can be both artistic and entertaining, and can really test their skills as writers, off-screen and off-stage.

Some argue that the written word can support art, be art or destroy art. In the entertainment world, the written word often becomes a new platform for entertainers to perform on. Or, it is a new platform in which they can present themselves in a new light. Many entertainers have opinions, passions and insights that may not be appropriate in their normal channels of exposure. An online discussion format, especially in the written word, actually enables them to get involved and portray themselves differently, or to a different audience than usual.

Social sites on the internet are powerful tools for arts and entertainment. They can be used for branding, promotion and increased engagement in the art world and for entertainment figures, as well. That is, if they are used correctly. The practice of utilizing social media for these purposes can be such a skill that there are companies that specialize in these services. What is even better is that there are such companies that focus on the arts, entertainment and lifestyle industries, strategically crafting online branding, personalities and audiences, to make artists or entertainment figures stand out from the rest. This is advanced marketing though. Not looking for this type of service? Do not forget that there are plenty of ways to leverage arts and entertainment in social sites for free, and as a hobby.

Presenting the written word in online social platforms that offer interactive discussion enables entertainment figures to be more closely involved with their audiences. Then, of course, there is the ability to include images, which can communicate volumes beyond the word, especially with regard to the art world. People love to be engaged by arts and entertainment, whether it is consumption of the product itself, following the inspirations of their favorite artists, or delving into the lives of the of the biggest celebrity. What would drive this audience even further, however, is the opportunity to interact with the industry. A social discussion with an entertainment figure or artist about issues other than their own could inspire new creativity and content, and really open up an entirely new way in which we can enjoy, and be involved in the art of social entertainment.

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