The Basics Of IT Training

With technology appearing more and more throughout the workplace, IT training and basic background information about information security have become essential parts of the training of all new employees. Many companies have a need to protect their information, either because they have financial data that they need to keep to themselves or because they have personal information about their customers or workers. Promoting information security and IT awareness is important for both the rank and file staff and the actual IT department.

The members of the IT department of any company are usually experienced before they arrive at work. To get a job working IT, potential hires need to show both education and, often, that they have certifications to work on the kind of systems the company uses. That means that at least in theory, the basic groundwork for training has already been done. New IT hires should need a little bit of background about the specific ways the company runs things, and how its policies differ from the norm, if at all, and the workers should already know enough of the rest to be effective.

On the other hand, non-IT staff can usually benefit from IT training. Basic password discipline and similar topics can make a big difference both for the security of the company's data and also for basic maintenance. When the staff are knowledgeable enough to troubleshoot basic IT problems, that will free up some time for the IT department to concentrate on the highest priority work. It also helps the staff, because they don't need to wait for the IT department- they can proactively attempt to solve IT problems on their own.

The best candidate for running IT awareness and basic training is the IT department themselves. They will know the most common problems that company users experience, as well as the best way to fix them. They can tell the company which problems are easy for users to solve themselves and which need the help of professional IT workers. More importantly, they can build a rapport of trust with the users, so that both parties feel comfortable working with each other. In some workplaces, the relationship between the staff and the IT department is strained, or even hostile. That only exacerbates problems when they arise.

The power of training in IT is that it can educate the basic staff, reduce company time spent solving IT problems, and build trust within the company. Not all problems can be solved through basic training and troubleshooting, but many of them can be. This empowers users and helps them to feel less dependent on the IT department. The IT department themselves should ideally not need much training, because they have the experience and certifications to handle computer problems already. Any training that would equip them for more advanced problems that can arise would go far beyond the level of "basic." Building basic IT awareness among non-IT staff is a good way to cut down on lost productivity due to computer problems.

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