The Benefits Of Boot Camp Fitness Miami

There are hundreds of different styles of working out that fitness centers and gyms in Miami advertise; so many that it can be difficult to wade through them all and find which one is the best. Ideally, a proper workout for a person looking to improve their physical conditioning and live a healthy lifestyle would include several different elements, such as weight training, cardio and flexibility. Unfortunately, many people do not have the time to make a commitment to such an involved style, nor do they have the knowledge to create a properly balanced program. This is why boot camp classes in Miami have become such a popular option.

The idea behind boot camp fitness is the same as why the military puts all of their recruits through it as well. It is a quick and efficient way to engage various muscle groups in rapid succession. There is a lot of talk in gyms about interval training, and this is exactly how boot camp fitness works. There are short bursts of high intensity training followed by a longer period of lower weight or slower pace.

The separation between boot camp and other interval training comes from the fact that the slower period - much like the thirty seconds weight lifters take between sets - during boot camp is not used to rest. Instead, the trainer leads the class members immediately into a different exercise that targets a separate set of muscles.

Another phrase that is often used by people working out is "shocking the body." When personal trainers talk about this, what they mean is engaging in an exercise that, in effect, catches the body off guard. Their client finishes a set of bench presses and they immediately have them get up and do jumping jacks, or in the middle of their bench sets and reps of 10 or 12, they switch up the weight and have them lift it until they cannot lift anymore. This is the science behind the boot camp classes Miami has become known for.

By finding a way to combine many different exercises into a single class, boot camp allows people of all fitness levels to begin living a healthy lifestyle. It eliminates the uncertainty of joining a fitness center or gym on their own, it provides them with a supportive environment that will help reinforce their commitment and its effectiveness means that people start seeing results almost immediately, another important aspect of helping people stay focused on their new fitness goals. There is a reason there are so much boot camp fitness classes Miami has to offer, because it is the style of working out that offers the most benefits.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer and fitness enthusiast that approaches a healthy lifestyle by engaging body, mind and spirit.

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