The Best Methods For ITIL Training

In today's world of information technology, one of the important areas for IT professionals is ITIL training. Known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library, ITIL is the most accepted method of IT service management across the globe. Combining the best parts of public and private sector organizations, ITIL focuses on the best ways to deliver resources and document the processes involved before, during, and after the delivery. However, for IT managers and other key personnel to be able to function best in this environment, they need to be properly trained. Whether it's on-site training at a company or online training in the privacy of an employee's home, there are many options from which businesses can choose.

On-Site Training

To make sure their employees receive the exact training they wish, many companies and organizations have started to implement on-site training in many areas of ITIL. A variety of courses are usually available, ranging from basic foundation courses to fast-track and those that focus almost exclusively on IT management and its relationship to the infrastructure library. However, to make sure employees receive the best possible training, companies should make sure the trainers chosen for the task are properly certified and have experience leading in-person training sessions. For companies big and small, it's often possible to receive corporate training discounts just for choosing a certain training consultant. Most Human Resource departments, working in conjunction with IT departments, can obtain information as to the best possible deals currently available for this training.

Online Learning

While some companies prefer in-person ITIL training, others like the freedom of online learning. This can be done while employees are on the job, or they can sometimes do it at home and be reimbursed for their time. Whatever option is chosen, online learning offers several advantages to employees. Along with being able to do it at their leisure, online learning uses an abundance of animation and voice-overs to make the learning experience very interactive. Simulators and practice exams are also included in the packages, letting people learn at their own pace and go over any concepts with which they may be having trouble. For those employees who may need additional help, online tutoring is also made available round-the-clock to help them gain the skills needed to pass their certification exams.

Blended Learning

Combining the best parts of online training and on-site classes, blended learning has become a more popular option for companies in recent years. Most of these sessions last about 5-7 days, often covering such topics as Service Design, Service Operation, Service Transition and Continual Service Improvement. The training sessions usually culminate with one or more exams being administered, allowing participants to earn various certifications in a short period of time. Many companies prefer this option because it allows them to make sure employees receive the training needed, plus it provides a chance for people who may not see each other often on the job to work with one another and learn how individual jobs impact different departments.

As IT training becomes even more important to the success of companies worldwide, these methods of training will be put to the test more and more frequently. By allowing employees the chance to enhance current skills as well as learn new ones, companies everywhere will see continued success for many years.

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