The Black Holocaust

HOLOCAUST- (Greek) aka, Shoah. The mass murder or genocide of approximately six million Jews during World War II. This is the definition given by Wikipedia. I propose to give you a new word "Blohlocaust" with a new meaning of the same kind of incident as it relates to Blacks.

It is March 4, 2013 at 9:53 p.m. and I am listening to the Rachael Maddow show. Her topic was on the Black struggle for the freedom to vote and how they were not only discriminated against but how they were murdered, beaten and jailed because they were protesting the treatment they were receiving like in the Rosa Parks case.

Now in relation to the Jewish Holocaust the Jews were discriminated against and there was mass murder or genocide of a group of 6 Million Jews during World War II. They were tortured and experimented on and placed in concentration camps for many years. Most did not survive to talk about it. It was a horrible and deplorable situation. I still pray for those families involved and think of what it has done to their future generations and how it could have been if this catastrophe had not occurred.

Giving due credit to the situation I propose to compare it to what I call the Blohlocaust. This term pertains to the mass murder (the number unknown) of Blacks not only during one period of time but over decades of time while merely striving to survive in these United States of America. I could see if most Africans had come to the United States willingly to avoid some tribulations in their own country but that is not the case. They were "stolen" by unscrupulous robber barons for the soul purpose of personal gain and greed. It always amazes me where the idea that Black people are lazy and shiftless came from. I mean, how are you going to call someone lazy and shiftless when they are doing "all" the work while you "supervise". However those terms are still closely related in conversations about Black people.

So back to the Blohlocaust, Blacks have been attacked, beaten, hanged, murdered, segregated, discriminated against, enslaved and incarcerated since they were first brought to the United States. In fact, the last recorded lynching occurred as recently as 1981 according to an article in Wikipedia by Michael Donald.

Here we are in 2013 but they were still lynching Blacks in 1981, 32 years ago and practically speaking I'm not sure that it's not still being done. For the life of me I cannot imagine such a deep-seated hatred and resentment of Blacks by Whites when there is actually no basis for it. After slavery was abolished why were Whites so afraid for their hierarchical positions when it was almost impossible for a Black to get a job or own property or anything since Whites "made the laws" and rules to follow and of course they were not going to include Blacks anywhere in it. From my understanding during slavery Blacks suckled White babies in order to "save" their White mother from losing her girlish figure or because the White mother didn't feel she should have to be subjected to that menial task (of nourishing her own blood). Black females were subjected to constant "rapings" by their masters or overseers or any White man who wanted sex from them. They were treated like animals or chattel. So you see the Holocaust is still going on for Black people. Even now in 2013 Republicans are establishing laws to disenfranchise Black voters. They're still back to their old tricks to gain authority over a group of people by craftiness and unfairness. The only fairness they believe in is their fairness to inherit all of the wealth by denying everyone else even a small share of the big pie.

For the Blacks, you must stay vigilant against this backsliding tyranny of planned discrimination and enslavement. The Holocaust goes on.

This article is on the struggle of Blacks in America and how it still goes on.

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