The Boot Camp Fitness Miami Revolution

It seems that every couple of years, some new fitness trend emerges as the "Next Big Thing." Fitness centers in Miami will start offering classes, people will begin flocking to them, and soon a buzz is created. Just as quickly, however, these classes tend to lose their luster for whatever reason. One notable exception to come along in the last decade is the creation of boot camp fitness. Miami is home to some of the most sought after boot camp instructors and classes in the country, and it has been their perfecting of the classes and process that has helped to not only make this new workout program so popular but, in effect, revolutionize the world of diet and exercise.

What sets the classes of boot camp fitness Miami has to offer apart from other styles of working out and physical exercise is that it challenges - and rewards - people of all athletic ability. It is possible in some of the more desirable classes to see participants ranging from first timers to professionals training in Miami during their off-season. The reason for this is that the majority of the exercises can be modified to match each person's level of competence. Too many other forms of class-based exercise say they are for all levels, but they either are so remedial that there is not enough of a challenge for many people, or they are so intense they turn off many people who are looking to start their healthy lifestyle.

A perfect example of the distinction between two popular current styles of working out is the CrossFit classes and gyms that have sprouted up and the classes that focus on boot camp. Miami has plenty of both to offer, but the main difference is that people who follow the CrossFit paradigm do so with that as their primary focus. Many experts agree that when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there is a sense of unbalance. While that may be fine for a small subset of the population, the majority of people are seeking a greater sense of harmony between their physical life and working out and the rest of their lifestyle.

This is the hidden attribute that boot camp fitness Miami has been bringing to the table. By encouraging people of all levels to come together and work out as a group, it builds a sense of community; one that everyone can be a part of and does not smack of elitism like other workout regimens can. This feeling of inclusion, of belonging, is possibly one of the biggest reasons people continue with their new dedication to living a healthy lifestyle. Other workout fads come and go, but the boot camp fitness Miami revolution looks like it is here to stay.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer and fitness enthusiast who believes a healthy lifestyle comes from a unity of mind, body and spirit.

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