The Catchlove Kid

The amazing artistic music talents of Otis J represent the perfect combination of R&B, Soul and Pop. The lyrics from each addictive song easily pull you into the emotions and feelings of this artist. With a catchy, fun beat that you can jam to by dancing around the house or "raising the roof" while sitting in your car, you are sure to enjoy every track with sheer, soul-searching entertainment.

Starting from humble beginnings in London, England, this rising star has climbed his way up the musical industry with courage, hard work and determination. Otis J has impressively written, recorded and produced this album independently, with the assistance of featuring artists such as Mizer, Drench and Pleasure.

Music is a storybook for your emotional senses. Otis J defines professionalism and positive high energy that influences your mind, body and soul. He has found his inspiration from his close family and friends, along with other famous musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men and Aaliyah just to mention a few. Every track is an expression from personal experiences throughout his life and career. Otis J's knowledge and wisdom shines through authentic songs by keeping it real in the most exciting and delightful way.

Just as a child may reach to the sky to catch those floating bubbles, the heartfelt song, "The Catchlove Kid" depicts a story of how we all desire to obtain a variety of possessions in this world. However, the greatest thing we could ever have is something money cannot buy, love. Each and every one of us long for affection and appreciation and this track certainly captures the very essence of receiving tenderness.

Get your groove on, grab the one you cherish by the waist and listen to "Only You". This fun, upbeat track is the perfect way to add romance to any relationship, especially one that is starting out new! You know the feeling well. The excitement of butterflies in the center of your stomach, the way this person consumes your thoughts every moment of the day. You can't eat or sleep. Sometimes you have trouble finding the words to let this special someone know how much they truly matter to you. Let Otis J give you a hand! Express to your crush by saying, "I Can Think of Only You" and be sure to download and place this song on number one when you give out your "mix" CD on the next date.

One of the hidden secrets of having a meaningful life is by giving. Otis J certainly displays the best version of himself by giving through his fetching and memorable music. He is a perfect example that by believing in yourself, you can achieve your goals, but most importantly, your dreams. You can "Catch Love" too by downloading these great new songs and have the opportunity to enjoy them anytime you wish! Please share by liking and write a review so your friends and family can have the pleasure of hearing these songs as well! Thank you for all you do by showing your support towards this astonishing and brilliant artist!

You can listen to "The Catchlove Kid" here: And check out the video here:

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