The Changing Face Of Search Engine Optimization

Throughout the history of business and industry, certain names have become synonymous with the product we represent. People ask for a Kleenex when they want a tissue, we used to Xerox documents and not photocopy them, and in certain parts of the country, they do not call it soda, they call it Coke, even if they are not asking for a cola. The world of the internet is the same way. Certain brand names become so iconic that most people fail to see when these brands start to be less influential. This is just one area where a good search engine optimization company can be beneficial to the growth of your business.

One of the most ubiquitous websites out there is Wikipedia. Even after substantial damaging press that would have shuttered smaller websites, it continues to be the go-to site for a lot people looking for information. Even today when searching for a wide range of general topics, from a celebrity's name to a historic event to a type of wine, one of the first results to come up is typically a link to that topic's Wikipedia page. One of the first, but by no means the first anymore.

The reason for this is simple. As the size and scope of the web has continued to expand exponentially, search engine metrics have changed. They now take into account the myriad of different sources that are available, and in some instances, weigh the focus of each potential website against one another. In other words, the search engine might place more emphasis - and therefore return a higher ranking - to a website that is more focused on the specific title than it does to what is, in effect, an encyclopedic listing.

A search engine optimization company can take advantage of these new algorithms. They will work with a client to develop specific online marketing content that contains the top rated keywords and roll out a multi-platform approach, all with the goal of driving traffic back to the client's name and website. This is not information that can be discerned simply by running a variety of internet searches on your own, or watching what news stories trend more often on your browser page or your social media platform's home page. This is work that is a mathematical constant, one that can best be understood by the computers and the people who program them at search engine optimization companies.

Most people in the world do not do an internet search, they "Google" something, even if they are using one of any number of other internet search engines. Just because the name has become synonymous with the activity, however, does not mean everything else has stayed just as static. The internet is constantly changing and growing. If you want your business to change and grow with it, the right search engine optimization company has to the tools to help make that possibility a reality.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer. He is not an artist from Texas, even though the results of an internet search always find that guy first.

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