The Connection Between the Canvas and the Hand With the Brush

Looking for a piece of art to compliment your home? This is an absolutely candid idea. Art is a reflection of the soul. The best depictions of art come from inspiration and not necessarily from a place of learning. Do not get me wrong, though; art needs to be studied. The best forms of commercial art come from students who have studied under the best. Painting is one form of art that stirs more than pleasure for the eye.

Stirs the soul

Good artists will reach for the soul. This comes from connecting with their work. It is the difference between art pieces that sell and those that do not. Galleries have been dominated by artists that have lured people's emotions without speaking a word. It is this beauty that has made painting one of the best forms of expression. Most artists that have gone to school will often have to find their way after the basics. This is determined by the feelings and emotions that one puts into the painting. It also explains why buyers will go for different paintings.


Paintings from renowned artists will often come from inspiration. A simple walk in the park, listening to music and watching TV will do the trick. The mode of inspiration also affects the paintings. One interested in music will produce a different type of painting compared to one inspired by long thoughts and walks.

Lasting beauty

Art is forever. Art never dies. It just gets better; just like wine. This explains why some of the most expensive paintings are really old. Paintings need to be built on long lasting impressions. They need to speak to the buyer for as long as they are hung on the walls. The most beautiful pieces will speak years after the artist is long gone; it is not just about a beauty that comes from a tough of brush.

A freelance heart

The best paintings come for the most carefree artists in the world. A carefree heart will not be bound in a box. An artist needs to walk his or her own path. Artwork needs to be unique for it to have some impact. A painter that eagerly follows the footprints of others all the way often gets lost in translation. Artists that beauty their own paths will definitely provide amazing paintings.

Taking time to hit commercial galleries will have you make great decisions when it comes to paintings. Good paintings will always be featured. Buy paintings that connect with you as a person for the purposes of value. Paintings become what they are because of the value the viewer places on them. Others become of value because of the painter behind the job. Online and offline galleries will offer great value. Seeing a painting in its physical form is however, different from a digital representation. Most painters have however, marketed their pieces online making it easier to sample most of their jobs.

Stephan Schoeppler is an abstract artist living in Destin, Florida. He specializes in Modern Abstract Art and Contemporary Art. He also creates Commercial Art as well as Art by Commission.

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