The Crucial Importance Of Search Engine Optimization

Once upon a time, long before there were internet search engines, there was a magical book called the Yellow Pages. This was a business directory that listed all the businesses in an area. You could be looking for a restaurant, a doctor, a rug cleaner, a mechanic or anything else and this would be the book you would consult. Now that sounds very egalitarian, all businesses listed equal, a far cry from how search engine optimization helps certain businesses be listed ahead of others. Well, it may sound that way, but even back then, companies were looking for whatever edge they could find.

There were a couple of ways they could do this. All businesses were listed alphabetically in each category, so a savvy business owner might think to name his business "A Plus" or "A One", and if your name was Al, odds are you named your business after yourself. Just like search engine results, people wanted to make sure they were the first ones listed. But being first did not matter nearly as much as being the most visible.

Having an alphabetically fancy ad did nothing to tell a potential customer how good your business was, what kind of services you offered or anything else they might need to know before making a decision. In fact, many customers would not even see the first businesses listed because once they turned to the page they needed, their eye was drawn to the companies whose owners had a little more business acumen than just naming rights. They would purchase advertising space where they could list their name, telephone number, address, services offered, hours of operation, even their motto if they wanted to.

So let us bring this situation into the 21st century. The name of a business is certainly important. You want something that not only identifies what you do, you also want something that is catchy and easy to remember. There is a science behind it - George Eastman named his business Kodak for no reason other than it was a word people would remember - but that science has been replaced by the science in your phone. Your phone remembers so you don't have to, and that is why in today's market, a catchy name is no match for a search engine optimization company.

A professional SEO company is the equivalent of placing that noticeable ad in the Yellow Pages. They perform ongoing keyword analysis across several search engines so they can tailor the marketing materials they create for each client. Through press release production, website text creation and other opportunities on the internet, they can provide search engine optimization that lives up to their client's demands. A generation ago, to be successful, you made sure your presence in the Yellow Pages was noticeable. Today it is on the internet you need to be discovered, and search engine optimization can make that happen.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer sooooo old (how old is he?) that he remembers having to look up movie theaters in the Yellow Pages and then - GASP - actually having to make a phone call to find out what time the movie started.

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