The Duties Performed By An L2 Electrician

There are many things that an electrician can do including the installation and servicing of an electrical system. There are even electricians who can design an electrical system. The work that an electrician can do depends on the level of qualification that they have.

It is important to get an electrician that is qualified for the kind of work that you need done. This will ensure that the work is done to the required standards and that the needed safety measures will be followed. There are mainly three levels of accreditation - from level one to level three. There are certain functions that a level two or L2 electrician can carry out.

What Is A Level Two Electrician?

A level two electrician is an accredited service provider (ASP) who is authorized to carry out certain electrical work. A level two electrician is authorized to disconnect your property from the electricity network. He can also connect your property to the electricity network by installing a service line underground.

In case the underground service line needs to undergo some repairs, a level two electrician has the necessary skills to fix it. He can connect your property to the electricity network by installing a service line that is overhead, and can install a basic meter for you.

Residential Work Done By An Electrician

If you need to build your home or make some renovations, then you will need a qualified electrician. The electrician will be able to install and maintain the electrical system in your home such as the security system and outdoor lighting. He will also install any electrical equipment that you may have and will carry out any rewiring that is required. The electrician will also connect your home to the main power source and can also upgrade your electrical outlets.

Commercial Work

An L2 electrician can work in large buildings and construction sites. They have the necessary skills to carry out the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in commercial buildings. They also install and maintain electrical devices needed in the buildings. They can read blueprints and lay out the wires which end up connected to circuit breaks and switches.

Once they have laid out the wiring, they test the system to ensure that it works correctly and that is meets the safety standards. An electrician can get hired to routinely monitor the wiring in a commercial building. This arrangement ensures that any potential problems are resolved early enough so that the business does not get affected by electric faults.

Maintenance Work

There are electricians who focus on the maintenance of electrical systems. This involves finding out where the fault is in the wiring and then carrying out the necessary repairs. Finding the source of the electrical fault can be quite tricky and that is why it is important to use a qualified electrician who can successfully troubleshoot and give an effective solution.

An L2 electrician will sometimes be required to be on call. This means that at times they might have to work long hours, during weekends and even at night. When he is on call, the electrician will be able to attend to any emergency situations that may come up. A maintenance electrician who is not on call normally works the regular working hours of eight hours per day.

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