The End Of Fusion Cuisine

Will there ever be an end to fusion cuisine? Will we ever reach a point where we have tried combining every single ingredient with every other and then multiply that by cooking it by any techniques that we know? It'll take time, but yes, in hundreds or thousands of years, fusion cuisine will probably taper off. At the very least, the term will lose its significance, but the food and the millions of recipes will remain. So why do I think the term will fade into obscurity but the food remain?

It's simple really. The biggest reason that fusion cuisine exists and has meaning is that our cultures are still somewhat separated from each other. Different cultures do different things with food and have their own preferences and techniques. They always have in the past, but they won't be able to maintain that separation from the rest of our shrinking world. For countries like the United States, where multiple cultures have come together into a melting pot and formed a fusion culture, if you will, it is no wonder that the different ways of cooking are coming together as well. Obviously, we are a far way from a complete solution or full mix and assimilation of the cultures. Most apparent are the cultural differences that make the news from time to time. Unfortunately in this age, cultural differences also mean racial differences, something that is logically, rationally, and scientifically ridiculous, yet a problem nonetheless. However, I believe that after these roadblocks and speed bumps of cultural and racial differences are overcome, then the human race can move on to bigger and better concerns. When we do become a single race, where complete emulsion of all the cultures happens, then fusion cuisine, at least the term, will lose its significance. Food will just be food. I'm not saying that we will stop combining things in new ways, but the excitement of a foreign ingredient or way of cooking won't exist. Oddly enough, I think that if or when that day comes, the traditional or retro ways will become popular at least to a cross section of the population that is curious about the past and want to experience how food was cooked before their time, and before we finally came together as a people.

Now I know that getting to a point where we can live in harmony is far off and perhaps even an impossibility due to all the hate and indifference, the lack of open mindedness, and unwillingness to accept others beliefs and cultures. Petty differences in the grand scheme of things I know, but they seem to be important enough to some people to wage wars and commit hate crimes. Perhaps we can say that when fusion cuisine is old news, so will our petty squabbles and resistance to the inevitable. Let's build a better future for all that will come after us today. We have the power to make a difference if we all participate.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that has hope that when fusion cuisine is just called food, that we will finally have peace.

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