The Entreprenuriel Mind

By Daraline C. Witherspoon

I can remember when I was a child I was fascinated with money. I mean I loved to play with it and count it and save it. Of course, being a child I didn't think a lot about making it, but I thought a lot about it. Then one day when I was about 7 years old I thought about making a Kool-Aid stand. I thought we could sell Kool-Aid and cookies right in front of the house and make some money. I thought about it for a long time and realized " I'm only 7 years old. If I make some money one of the older kids would rob me and that would defeat the purpose of me making money." So I recruited 2 older kids (about 14 and 12) and brought the proposal to them. They agreed and while I sat inside the little stand and poured the drink and gave the cookies to the older children other kids were glad to pay the small charge we requested. I don't remember how much money was made (it couldn't have been a lot), but anything was a lot from nothing. I believe that was my first try at being a business person. I do however remember loving cash registers and asking for them at Christmas time.

I also remember my mom once told me that if you let someone take care of you such as a husband or a man that the person would take care of you like they wanted to take care of you. In other words if they didn't think you needed shoes, they wouldn't buy you shoes. If they didn't think you needed money, they wouldn't give you any. If they didn't think you should eat, they wouldn't feed you. Another side of that is if they couldn't see themselves with it, why would you deserve it? That really stuck out in my mind. I mean I would get myself whatever I needed and most of what I wanted. So why would I wait around for somebody to take care of me only providing me with what they thought I was worth or what they thought I should have. So I made up my mind that I WOULD NEVER PUT MYSELF IN THAT POSITION.

When I was in high school at about 13, I signed up for a work program where if you took a job you could go to school half the day and go to work the remainder of your school day. I got a job at a restaurant inside the Union Station in Chicago. It was great! I got time out of school, I could eat there for FREE, and I was getting PAID! That did it! It started my quest for earning money. Even though my mom took pretty good care of me in regards to seeing to my needs, lots of times my desires were not met. In other words if I saw a purse that I wanted I was unable to get it because I had 2 brothers and a sister that needed things more than my selfish desires, so I didn't get it. But this way, I was able to earn the money to buy things I wanted.

I started selling Avon while working at Standard Oil. I knew a few people in different sections of the office and I gave them a catalogue and asked them to pass it around to the people who worked in their sections and they could just write their orders down and insert them into the catalogue. She could collect the orders, distribute them, collect the money and give it to me and she could have her orders for free. This worked out well because I made a lot of money for Avon and myself. That is until I quit that job. I got pregnant.

After that I always had what I call "A Hustle." Meaning an additional stream of income, even though I held a steady job, I always had a hustle. I sold Amway, Mary Kaye, Avon, Life insurance; you name it and I sold it. I became involved in positive motivational living.

Buy the way; I started this company called Especially You, Enterprises with $100. I had $10, my mother put in $50, and my sister put it $40. Soon I had clothes racks full of beautiful items and a cash register in my apartment. We put on fashion shows and home shows to sell our product. In 1975 we rented a teeny tiny storefront location for $100 a month. By 1976 we opened an additional location and were doing quite well for a while until the main employee (my mother) got sick and I was unable to continue the venture. I cried like a baby because I loved the business and I was getting better at it. That's when I realized I needed a business that I could do by myself and on my own. I didn't want to have to depend on anyone anymore. Since then my attention has been on creating on-line enterprises on the internet. The creation of internet businesses has skyrocketed and I wanted to be in on it. It's taken several years to really get into it and find someone that I could partner with but it's finally happened and I'm working on a great membership site now. I still have a ways to go because I don't know all the in's and outs of promoting, marketing, list building, etc. But I'm going to keep working on it till I get it right.

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