The Evil Brutal World of 666

What is coming now is inevitable as the world sinks into a new form of warfare and murder. It's the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and what happened on that day is nothing compared to what has happened since. The future is now an inevitable annihilation of millions as even nuclear war is being spoken of by certain political figures. People dying in great numbers are the norm and yet the world focuses on a few acts that appear appalling because of their brutality, such as the beheadings recently witnessed.

Migration of religious ideals into countries previously isolated from the effects of confronting other faiths is the fault of democracy. Freedom of expression and faith is at fault for allowing a lifestyle enjoyed by the west that contrasts greatly with that of the east. Democracy allows situations to develop from which there is no recovery. In the latter suppression and denial of knowledge promotes a different way for followers of Islamic teachings to achieve eternal bliss.

The outcome of mixing societies, religions and races is not a panacea of peace and love but one that engages in hate, distrust, jealousy, and eventually murder. Overpopulation has seen the spread of ideologies and with it the problems they bring.

Brainwashed from birth into believing in myths and teachings promoted by men for power and control both sides appear lost in their own style of thinking. To understand the reason we need to examine the conditions existent in the Roman Empire and even before that and ask the questions of what happened then that set the world on this collision course?

Certain things took me back to those times and enabled me to unlock the mysteries and secrets of religious origins. In reflecting on the trends of man's progress from then until now my research led to sun worship. In ancient societies that celestial body was worshiped as the great god of the world.

One group of people were particularly taken by a certain aspect of it. They were the Amorites who built and inhabited Babylon. It was a great city and it held the first ziggurat, which is a manmade mountain peak. At the apex was the instrument that divided the sun's rays into the magnificent perpetually moving circles of rainbow colored lights.

This awesome sight was called Mari and it means 'mother's powerful eye'. It made the eye a great feature and images of worship dedicated to it include the cross which appears central to it. It was the 'circle of power' expressed in [o-r] 'Or' is an old term for sun and the letters [k], [x], [q] and [ch] are symbols related to the cross.

The image was also 'zoro-aster' or morning star as that is the time of its appearance. The cross described in a circle is still portrayed in many locations and gave rise to the swastika of Babylon.

The Amors were brutal and they raided and overtook every country in their path. They built cities and one was 'Roma' that is the reverse of 'Amor'. Here they became the Romans and their previous history was buried through the actions of the Great Roman Empire.

It was the most successful and overpowering empire ever created and its roots and religion were in Babylon. This is where the evil began that is now taking a major turn for the worst. As religious leaders and followers line up to fight and as man's effect on climate change and global warming take hold nothing can stop the brutal world of 666 from doing its thing. That is in the plan of God.

The deadly world of 666 is bringing the world into major conflicts. It started with the Assyrians who became the Romans.

Norma has worked for some 30 years to prove this claim and she has full memory of reincarnation so disproving the existence of heaven and hell which terrorists rely on.

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