The Food and Beverage Industry is a Lifestyle, Not Just a Job

When you take a job in the food and beverage industry, you may think it will be perfect for the time being and you may have zero interest in making this a career. However, the next thing you know, you are in your thirties and still slinging drinks or waiting on tables. The money is good, it is made quickly and the hours are short. Who would not want a job like that? The only downside is the lack of benefits, but if you get in with the right company, stick with it, and do a great job you could easily get some benefits on down the road. You may even be able to get some stock shares if you are a good employee and the company is big enough. The corporate restaurants are usually pretty good about taking care of their employees and if you stick with the company for long enough, you will be able to work your way up in no time at all.

Working for a catering company is a great way to also earn some extra money if you are in a financial pinch or just want some extra spending money for your next vacation. The turnover rate for employees is usually pretty high when it comes to this industry so the company will completely understand you wanting to make some summer cash. Restaurant managers understand their employees are usually college aged kids who just want to make some quick cash. Another great thing about the catering business and food and beverage in general is that you do not need any experience. Everything you need to know will be taught to you during your training week. As long as you are not a complete jerk and have a little bit of a personality, you will do just fine at this job. For people who opted out of college, this is the perfect industry to get into.

Many college kids enjoy the catering or food and beverage lifestyle because it allows them to sleep late (or go to class during the day), work short hours and walk out of the door with cash in their pockets. Perfect for college kids looking for quick cash. If you are bartending somewhere, the amount of cash you make could be more than you could ever imagine in one night! It is all about finding the right place to work.

Lizz Taylor is a freelance writer who specializes in catering, fast cars and fine wine.

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