The Friends Who Work Out Together Stick Together

When I first moved to Miami with my best friend, we made a pact. It was a pact to physical wellness, health and getting our lives together. We had a bit of a dispute as to how to do that, though. Seeing that we had decided to be physical accountability buddies, we were both responsible for making sure the other one worked out, and living together made that part pretty easy. We decided to coordinate our workout schedules and had a long talk about whether or not we wanted to utilize the natural trails, beaches, and oceans of Miami as our gym or if we would commit to a gym membership.

The pros of not getting a gym membership were pretty clear - it would be free. However, not knowing the area proved to be a disadvantage. What if we got lost and couldn't find our way back? What if the area we wanted to walk and bike in wasn't really that safe for those activities? Even though swimming in the ocean would've been a great all over body workout, there would be parking, parking fees, and people to deal with every single time we wanted to go out. Sometimes, you just want to go to the gym, get your workout game on, and not have to worry about other people. Then again, going to the gym presented another unique problem: our own self-consciousness around people who 'looked' healthier than us.

We decided to shop for gyms anyway and found this great local place. At first, I was a little wary, because I saw how many sports professionals swore by the place, and I was worried I would not fit in. After all, I wasn't an athlete - I'd played a little bit of volleyball in high school and I've always dreamed of playing roller derby, but I didn't count myself as an athlete. However, there was something about this gym that made us feel welcome after all. Maybe it was their extensive facilities, or their emphasis on an individualized workout focus.

The personal training Miami scene is flooded with people who promise to whip you into shape, but I always felt that the promises I found on search engines were kind of vague. Talking to someone in person at the gym itself was incredible, and I immediately felt inspired and encouraged to start taking the steps to be on my own fitness path. Professional training for the two of us actually ended up eliminating our need to be accountability buddies - we had trainers to keep us on our toes. We talked so much about all kinds of ways to get ourselves to go when our motivation was low. Now when we talk fitness, it's all about our accomplishments, goals and how excited we are. I'd say that we definitely kept our initial moving pact, with the help of a great new gym and an inspiring community of hard working individuals that keep us motivated through their own successes.

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon is an SEO content writer who has covered a variety of subjects, including physical fitness.

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