The Funny Thing About Social Media…..

I'm a huge fan of the comedian Brian Regan. He doesn't swear or tell off-color jokes. His whole "schtick" is about life and the random happenings in it, from science projects as a kid to UPS picking up boxes as an adult. His vocal inflection, expressions and body language are truly what make the jokes work. Any other comedian could not do justice to his jokes. I heard about him from a friend back in the 90's that had seen him perform while she was in college. She talked about him constantly and how funny he was. She purchased a CD of his and let me listen to him. She was right…he was funny. Then we learned on the radio that he was coming to do a show in Minneapolis, so we got tickets and we went. He was funny! The physical part of the show that was missing on the CD emphasized his humor 200%. Periodically you could catch him on Comedy Central and eventually, he had a DVD released, but it was sort of a crap shoot as to when you might hear something new from him.

Flash forward to today, where social media has taken the world by storm. You can't go online without seeing some new up-and-coming talent in the comedy world. You can follow the tweets of your favorites and you can even partake in real-time commentary with the comedian himself. That's right…comedians are now using social media and open forums to market themselves. Here's how it works. A comedian sits down at his computer and participates in an interactive discussion. People from around the world are able to join this discussion and chat with the comedian in real-time. This allows them to ask them questions that they would normally not have a chance to request. In this way, the comedian becomes more than just a funny guy…perhaps they learn he's also a father, likes fishing, drives an old beat up car because he loves, it, or likes fresh seafood. He becomes real. On the flip side, the comedian may be able to try out new ideas on the public talking to him. Perhaps he throws out a new joke or anecdote to see how it's received. If it goes flat, he cans it and if it gets response, he's got a new idea to fine-tune. It's a mutually beneficial experience.

I sat in on an interactive discussion with Brian Regan. He IS a funny guy naturally. He's a dad but not nearly as "clean" in real-life as he is in his routine. He claims he wants families to be able to watch him though, so he watches his language and brings incredible humor to the mundane. It was truly a pleasure learning the ins and outs of what makes him tick. He's got a fan for life…and I've spread the word.

Tamara Day is a writer that's living life in a northern town while dreaming of a southern one, while having interactive discussions with comedians on

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