The Fusion Cuisine Climb

People always ask me why I did it. Why did I climb the enchilada tower? In short, I did it because it was there on the menu, you see. I'm the kind of person that won't always take the easy route. Sometimes I do, just like any of us, but sometimes I get an idea in my head and need to do something no matter how difficult it may seem. I'm stubborn and won't give up easily without exhausting all the possibilities that could lead to success. That is why I like fusion cuisine. It presents new challenges that need to be overcome. Like the enchilada tower.

I saw it on the menu and I looked around the room. No one else seemed to be up to the challenge so I set my mind to achieving what some may say is impossible. I decided that I would be the one to reach the summit of this enchilada tower at any cost. I, of course, had my doubts. What if it was too steep or too big to achieve by a single man? What if it proved too spicy for my palate? I had so many questions rolling through my mind and no answers to soothe it. My stomach rumbled in anticipation as I waited uneasily as the enchilada tower was being prepared.

As I waited, I asked myself why I was doing this? Was I doing this for myself and for the personal satisfaction of it all? Or was I doing this to get the praise and recognition from the people around me? I didn't know for sure, but I think I came to the conclusion that I was doing this for me and me alone. I was hungry...hungry for a challenge.

The enchilada tower was brought before me and I stared at what might be an insurmountable obstacle. I thought how best to proceed and noticed that the people around me took notice of what I was about to attempt. They observed me with curious looks and doubting expressions. That only fueled my desire to prove those that doubted me even more.

I started my climb. One bite at a time I climbed. It was surprisingly easy at first, but as I progressed, it became more difficult. I was starting to slow down and those doubts crept back into my mind. I worried that all those doubting looks were right and I was a fool to even try. No, I would prove them all that I could do this. I pushed on with renewed gusto and took bite after bite. I would not let this particular fusion cuisine get the better of me. I had what it took to persevere, and to beat the odds against me.

It came down to the last bite. I couldn't... no WOULDN'T turn back now that I was so close. There was only one thing I could do. I took that last bite in triumph as I made the summit of the enchilada tower.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that enjoys fusion cuisine and has flights of fancy on the brain.

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